Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


3. Complicated Love- Chapter 3


Chapter 3- Hiding It

 We are so good. At school it was basically the same thing as yesterday, Harry stared at me, Hanaa and I both noticed, Louis stared at Hanaa, we ate lunch together, we talked, and shared stories about the stupidest things. It turns out Harry is really sweet and nice and adorable; Louis is funny and clearly was the best with fashion. Liam and Zayn were kind of quiet at first and had their own sense of humor and private jokes we laughed at without understanding. Niall was the loudest. He also ate a lot and seemed a little conscious of his food, especially when he was next to Harry. They said Harry has a bad habit of stealing food, but that’s okay with me because I don’t have a lunch most days. I used to get hot lunch from the school but I don’t qualify for it anymore since my dad and I both have a job. I think they came to this realization because Harry whispered something and around the table it went. They casually offered me extra food and I tried my hardest not to take it. I didn’t want to be mean and shove it back in their faces but I hate taking things from people. I gave Hanaa a look and she instantly knew what I meant. I got up with her right behind me and we went outside for a minute. She didn’t ask if I was okay because she knew I wasn’t.  She also knew that I wasn’t ready to tell anyone else but her about my problems and I wasn’t going to. The minute I stood up I looked back and Harry took out his phone and so did Louis. The two of us have learned how to hide which one of us needed space so at the same time we got the same text “everything ok?” We couldn’t help but giggle at this. I don’t ever eat lunch unless it’s Saturday and I’m at work. I love the food there. Occasionally I get something for myself and save it for the following Monday to eat at school but that’s not very often. Hanaa and I just stood in the bathroom while I took a few deep breaths. I splashed some water on my face and that helped a lot. I don’t wear make-up that often so nothing came off my face when the water ran down my cheeks. I looked in the mirror and used paper towels to dry off my face. Hanaa and I just stood in the bathroom for a while. I didn’t reply to Harry and Hanaa didn’t reply to Louis. No one came in the bathroom while we were there. No one usually does because it’s lunch time. The teachers are out getting their lunch and the students are all in the cafeteria. If anyone comes in we kick them out. There are a few bathrooms in the school so they could just turn the corner and find another one that isn’t far away. We were in the bathroom for a while. When we came out of the bathroom lunch had just ended so we had to run into the next class and met the boys outside the classroom door. That was a total surprise. Apparently all of us were in this class. We stopped in shock and walked in together. I think they figured out we weren’t going to talk so they didn’t ask questions. Harry looked slightly worried but I didn’t do anything about it. Neither one of us replied because we didn’t know what to say and Hanaa was covering for me. I haven’t thanked her enough for it but she has many times before. The day ended quickly. All I could think about was how generously these five guys we had just met offered me food because I didn’t have any. Harry called me when I was walking home and he sounded worried. I tried to tell him he shouldn’t worry about me. I’ve never had anyone worry this much about me unless they were Hanaa, my dad, or Hanaa’s family. But Hanaa was with me so I reassured him I was fine. Hanaa teased me and said I had an “admirer” Louis had perfect timing because he called her too. I think by the end of two weeks we will end up dating both of them. I don’t know if I have a real crush on Harry or not but Hanaa says it’s very obvious that he likes me. Hanaa hung up on Louis and we just talked about them all the way home. We weren’t really talking as much as we were teasing each other but it all sounds about the same when you’ve known each other since birth and still have things to talk about. We arrived home and separated. We lived right next to each other so we raced to our houses. Mine was the closest when we started the race so I won by the length of a finger. Sometimes I think the measuring is off but we go along with it. it’s usually pretty clear who wins based on who hits the house the hardest. The week ended and Hanaa and I were excited for Friday. 

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