Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


25. Complicated Love- Chapter 25


Chapter 25- Careful!

We all stared at Louis in shock. I was thinking of so many things that could happen if Louis failed, so I got inside his head. “Louis, what did she whisper into your ear?” He answered, “She said even if I didn’t try I could be shot over and over and still be bullet proof as long as I concentrate. Now get out of my head so I can focus!” I turned to Harry and said, “She’s got Louis convinced he’s bullet proof. I don’t completely trust her on that. Look a few minutes into the future and see what happens will you?” He looked at me and said, “I hope this works.” He looked at Louis and concentrated. He said, “She’s right. There’s no way he can’t be bullet proof.” He smiled and squeezed my hand. Demi loaded the gun and Louis got serious. She aimed; repositioned her hand on the gun, and shot it. We all covered our ears and watched Louis. The bullet bounced right back to Demi and she used her heat vision to destroy it in midair before it caused any damage. “Harry, you are up. I want you to focus on someone in the room and get into their head. Try to think like they do and then see into the future. You might even be able to see their past if you try hard enough. Since Hanaa was the closest to us, Harry focused on her. All of his strength, his will power, his attention, went to her. His eyes changed to Hanaa’s color and he lost concentration. He told us he could see a little bit of her future but didn’t say what he saw. Then Demi told him to focus on me. We both told her he’s tried numerous times and only succeeded once this morning when he kissed me after breakfast. She told him to put his heart into it and see if it worked then. I looked into his eyes and he looked into mine. I didn’t feel any different but I could see Harry’s eyes change color in the slightest way. Had he gotten through to my memories or my future? “I got in that time. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do, but I got through.” He flashed me a smile and I returned it with a bigger one. “Claire, try the same. You might be able to get into him too. Put your heart and soul into it if you must, you can’t give up after just one day of trying.” So I did. I put my heart and soul into it along with my concentration, attention, and every last drop of energy I had. I held both of his hands and looked into his eyes. Those gorgeous green eyes. They were mesmerizing. Suddenly I felt what he felt. I was in his mind. I tried talking to him, reading his thoughts; I could already feel his emotions. Then I heard his voice. He said, “I can’t get over those brown eyes. I love her so much. If only there was a way to tell her from across the room. She needs to get through to me. I need her to. If you can hear me right now, say cheesecake for me?” I thought back to him, “But you don’t like cheesecake! Harry I did it. I got in your head! We succeeded at using our powers on each other!” Then he asked, “How much of that did you hear?” “All of it. I heard all of it. Do you really feel this strongly about me?” And he asked me, “Can you really feel what I feel?” “Well if you wanted me to I could change your emotions and thoughts. But, yes; I can really feel what you feel I feel when you feel it.” just then he blushed and both of our cheeks turned red. We looked up shyly at each other and Demi made me lose my focus by asking, “Did you get through? Were you in his head?” Harry answered for me and said, “Yes she did.” And looked up at my with a smile that had something behind it. Almost like he was a little bit tense. I told him, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to do that very often. It’s like there’s a brick wall that blocks me from getting into you and with everyone else, it’s like there’s an open doorway and I just step right through and invite myself in.” Harry looked at me with a little bit of sadness. He knew we wouldn’t be able to talk to each other from across the room like he wanted and that he wouldn’t be able to see my future or past. It would take too much time and energy until our powers got stronger. 

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