Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


24. Complicated Love- Chapter 24


Chapter24- We Met Demi

“Not to be rude Demi, but what are you doing here?” Danielle asked. “I am the one who has been controlling your dreams and who gave you your powers. Now before we begin, I want to test myself to see if I got my information right. If I get your name or your power wrong, correct me.” We listened as she went down the row. “Harry can see other’s pasts, present, and futures. Claire can control other’s emotions and thoughts. Hanaa can telepathically move things, Louis you are strong, Liam, you can solve any problem you are given, Danielle can heal and protect people, Ashley, you can fly, Niall can teleport or travel through time, Perrie has super speed, and Zayn can change the weather. Did I leave anyone out or mix anyone up?” We all looked at each other then back at her and nodded our heads no. “Good. Good, good, good.” She muttered as she scribbled in her note pad again. “By now I’m sure all of you are wondering why I’m here and how I gave you your powers. You see, there is a group of us throughout the world with powers similar to each others. None of them are exactly alike. Your power is your own and it won’t change. A few weeks ago I saw you at the movies. Not all of you knew each other but my friends Eleanor and Selena could sense you were special. I didn’t literally give you your powers either. Sometimes they develop and sometimes things can trigger them. For your group, it just so happens you each had the same dream and decided to see if the powers you had were real. I am here to make sure you know how to use your powers carefully and wisely. They should only be used for good. Danielle already tried doing some good. Danielle would you like to say what you and Liam did yesterday?” “Sure, I went to the local hospital and tried to heal some of the kids who were least likely to make it another week.” “And as far as I am aware, your powers worked. I am glad to see you took advantage of them for the right reasons. Now Claire, you have a very special power and yours will be the hardest to control and understand, but from the looks of it, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you can do. But you found something you can’t right?” Demi said looking at me now. I looked at Harry and grabbed his hand. “Yeah, I did.” Demi gave me an approving look and continued, “What can you not do?” I was trying to figure out what she was doing or trying to get at but it was no use. I didn’t want to use my powers so I gave up and answered, looking directly at Harry’s hand and tracing the lines of his palm, “I can’t get into Harry’s mind and he can’t get into mine.” Demi thought about this as if she hadn’t heard the second part. “Often times that happens. There’s one person you can’t get into no matter how hard you try to. Hanaa, would you like to demonstrate your power?” “Ummm…” she looked at Louis then at me. I told her she should in her head then she said, “Sure I guess. I haven’t used it much so I don’t know what I can do.” “That’s what I’m here for. Now you relax and focus on trying to lift me up.” “Am I going to be able to?” Hanaa asked cautiously. “Of course you are. You have that power because you have a strong mind and believe in yourself. You have to put all that into your head and focus on whatever it is you’re trying to do and you will succeed in anything. That goes for all of you.” Demi stated moving her finger up and down the line, pointing at everyone. Hanaa looked at her and focused, I read her mind and was happy to hear she was only focusing on positive things and telling herself she could do this and much more. After a few seconds, Demi was being lifted into the air. We couldn’t believe Hanaa was doing that but she was, and I was happy for her. Next Demi called out Niall. She told him to stand by the door, he obeyed. She told him to stand there and think of another place he wanted to be inside the house. He did and in a flash he was gone. He ran in from the theatre room and yelled, “Guys I did it! I transported myself to the snack machines!” Even Demi laughed a little at this. “Zayn, whenever you want to change the weather, you must keep it to the time of year. You do not control all weather from day to day. We are not to mess with the forces of Mother Nature, if its spring, you can make it rain on a random day or in the summer you can pick how warm you want it to be on a certain day. All you have to do is focus. The main thing in any of your powers is focus. As you learn more about them and learn to master them, it won’t take as much as it does now. Until then, I expect all of you to focus all of your energy into your skill.” Zayn looked up at the clouds and it began to rain. It was a light rain, he also opened up the portion of the clouds that was blocking the sun and a rainbow shot across the sky. Demi then regained our attention to Ashley. “Ashley, fly.” Ashley had a puzzled look because the rest of us got a whole description on how to use our powers. She just got a one word command. “Remember what I told all of you about focus. For you, you need to pretend to be an animal that flies through the air with swift and graceful motions. Almost become that animal and think alike.” That also worked because Ashley flew around the ceiling and landed safely on the second floor hallway. We clapped for her and she floated back down landing in her seat next to Niall. Lastly she turned to Louis. “Now Louis, your power is very unique. You have super strength, and because of it you are almost indestructible. Perrie, you are faster than the speed of sound and light combined. Louis, I want you to stand where I am, and Perrie, I want you to stand up right where you are. On the count of 3, Louis, focus all your energy into not moving and staying where you are, you are trying to be a break wall not even a sledge hammer can break down. Perrie, I want you to focus all your energy into your feet and run at him. Charge like a bull but run as fast as you possibly can.” Perrie and Louis both mouthed “I’m sorry” to the other just in case something went wrong. They closed their eyes and Perrie charged. The next thing we saw was Louis stopping her and Perrie standing in front of him. There was a loud boom suggesting that Perrie broke the sound barrier. Her legs stopped moving and Louis got out of the way. Demi told Louis to pretend he was bullet proof and whispered something into his ear. Perrie sat back down and Demi pulled out a gun. 

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