Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


23. Complicated Love- Chapter 23


Chapter 23- Harry In My Head

I spent another night with Harry and at some point he picked me up and moved me into his bed. I didn’t feel anything last night but I did have the dream again. I was getting used to it by now but the voice on the phone sounded more familiar; like I had heard it in a movie or something before. Harry was sleeping on the couch he had in his room and let me have the bed all to myself. I heard voices outside the door and figured it was the boys bragging about which power was better than the other’s. I stood next to the door and listened for a minute. “Did you guys figure out why everyone left?” I heard Louis ask. “Claire used her power to talk to some of us and convinced everyone to leave the house. Harry wanted them to be alone for a while and since Liam and Danielle left, she just helped the rest of us leave as well.” Zayn and Niall explained to Louis. “Did you boys have a nice time?” Liam asked. The other 3 started talking at once about how beautiful their girlfriends are and how much fun they had last night. “So I guess Claire and Harry had good intentions.” Liam thought out loud and everyone murmured in agreement. I didn’t hear the rest of the conversation because I decided that was the best time to step out in the middle of all of them. I acted like I didn’t know they were there and found my way to the kitchen. They followed me being very quiet. I think they found out I can get into their head at any moment and they wouldn’t know it. I wanted to be nice so I made a simple breakfast for everyone. Since I didn’t know how to cook anything, I found a package of frozen waffles and unfroze them. I set them out on the table with a bottle of syrup and some butter. Harry came down just as I was setting them out. He said, “Hello love.” and sat down in front of me. I could tell he had a rough night. I was trying to get into his head so he could tell me about it, but sighed when I failed. All 5 of them looked up at me curiously and I didn’t realize I did anything. Breakfast passed silently because no one wanted to say anything about their powers or bring up the dream each of us shared. When everyone was served I sat there next to Harry and watched him eat. When he was finished he had some syrup on his chin so I took a napkin and wiped it off. We got lost in each other’s eyes and he kissed me. It felt like it was our first kiss all over again. I remembered the night when he walked me home, we talked, I flipped out, it was still clear in my head when Harry pulled away. “I saw it through your eyes. The world I mean. I saw your past. I saw a small bit into the future.” He said it in a low serious whisper, and I believed him. My first response was, “How?” he said, “I don’t know, but I lived your memories through your eyes. I saw what you saw but I didn’t feel what you felt the way you say you can feel other’s emotions.” I knew then the memory he was thinking of. “I had a dream about it last night. Maybe you can also go back in time instead of forward. I mean seeing the future is amazing but maybe when you are in someone’s future, you can go back and see their past.” I looked t him with hope, but I could tell he knew I wasn’t happy he saw my mother’s body in a pool of blood in our living room floor, I ran in before the police could catch me with tears in my eyes. I wrapped my arms around her head and held it in my lap. I sat there crying loudly for her to come back to me. For her to still be alive. Harry saw that through my eyes. He saw the policeman try to take me away. I wouldn’t let go. I was frozen with grief. Hanna’s mother came in and pulled me away. She picked me up even though my legs were covered in my mother’s blood. She pried my fingers off and dragged me outside. It was nearly impossible but she got me out. The police closed our front door and told me to stay with my dad. I knew I hadn’t told Harry everything when I told him about my mom’s death, and now he knew it too. I had tears in my eyes and looked away so he wouldn’t know. When I turned a tear rolled down my cheek and Harry wiped it off my face. He hugged me with tears in his eyes. I hate seeing him cry, especially if it’s for me. He whispered into my neck, “I’m so sorry. I can’t control what I see and since you had a dream about it, it was fresh in your mind…” he paused and I cut off his next thought. “Harry it’s okay. I can’t control what I hear or feel when I’m in someone’s head either. Our powers are much stronger than we imagined and just like everyone else we have to get used to them.” Just then the house phone rang and Niall ran to pick it up. He answered by saying, “Hello, this is Niall Horan.” I heard a woman’s voice on the phone and before she could finish her sentence, Niall put her on speaker and called us all over to listen to the message. “Sorry about that, could you repeat what you said?” Niall asked. She started again. “My name is Demi. I will meet the 10 of you in this house in 30 minutes. All 10 of you must be there in order for me to tell you anything. Zayn, make sure the weather stays clear. Niall, go to the other’s houses and pass this message on to them. Be careful and don’t tell anyone about your powers.” She hung up and we all stood there staring at the phone as if it controlled us and we couldn’t move unless it told us to. I told Niall the girl’s addresses and he left in a flash. Zayn made sure it was sunny outside while Louis, Liam, Harry, and I were alone in the room. I took the plates and started cleaning up. Liam brought over random cups and things for me to wash. I cleaned the whole kitchen and couldn’t stop cleaning. I was on my way to pick up the dishes in the living room when Harry grabbed me by the waist and turned me around. “Claire, I don’t care about what happened in your past. Your past is your past, I wish I could’ve been there for you but what’s done is done. I’m here for you now and I always will be. Whatever this thing with our powers and dreams is, we will get through this together. Now, I’ll finish up down here. You go up to my room and freshen up alright love?” he held my face in his hand and I placed mine on top of his. I pulled it off my face and kissed his knuckles. In that one moment I heard his thought, and only that thought. I couldn’t send him a thought back, but in that one moment I heard, “I love you.” I hugged him, almost knocking him to the ground, and I told him I heard him. He tackled me and we were rolling around on the ground laughing and tickling each other when Louis walked in on us. “Oh Harry, I can’t be away from you!” He yelled with a smirk on his face and a high pitched voice he claimed as his girl voice. We stopped playing around and stood up. I shot back, “I do not sound like that!” and started laughing. I told them I was going to clean up before the rest of us got here and I left those two in the room laughing. I found the back stairs that led to Harry’s room and went into his bathroom. I was expecting it to be messy but it was actually fairly clean. I ran my fingers through my hair and washed my face. I didn’t feel like I was ready for anything. Hanaa came in when I was washing my face. I knew what she was going to say before she said it because without thinking I heard her, and all the voices downstairs. It overcame me too fast and I had to cover my ears; that wasn’t helping at all. I went into panic mode and got into the fetal position. I must’ve been making noises too because Harry came in and told me it was okay. He helped me up and I took some really deep breaths before walking down the stairs with Hanaa on one side and Harry on the other. I knew everyone was here because I heard all of them. When we reached the bottom, everyone was smashed up against the window looking out onto the driveway where this Demi person was stepping out of a black car. We still had no idea why she was here or how she knew what powers we had, so we were all making random guesses. We weren’t paying attention to the car anymore so no one saw her walk up to the door. We heard the doorbell ring and all of us gasped. We turned toward the door and started fighting over who should answer it. Then we heard the knob fall to the floor. Demi had used her heat vision to cut the metal and the door and push open the door. She had blonde hair, and was wearing all black except for a white tank top underneath a black blazer. Her and Harry had similar style but he wore tight jeans and not short tight skirts with really tall high heels. She walked in to the room and we all stayed where we were on the window seat. She looked us up and down checking to make sure all of us were here. She wrote something down on a pad of paper she had and said, “Hi I’m Demi Lovato. You can call me Demi.” She gave us a big toothy grin and flipped her hair. 

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