Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


20. Complicated Love- Chapter 20


Chapter 20- The Phone Call

There was something added to my dream. The day went by like it did the first time, but I was able to hear everyone else’s thoughts and know what they were thinking and feeling as if I was part of them. Seeing Harry next to me gave me some relief but I couldn’t get over the fact that I had some kind of powers in my dream. The first thing I said when I saw he was waking up was, “There was something added to my dream. Did anything change in yours?” he supported himself on his elbows and gave me a worried look, vigorously nodding his head yes. I was afraid of that. Since we were so close to school we could just stay where we were for a little while longer. He told me in his dream, he could see into the future and see into other people’s minds. I told him I could read their minds and feel what they felt; almost control it if I wanted. He could tell it bothered me and gave me a warm, tight hug. Then I said, “What if what happens in our dreams is true? Not the backwards part, but having powers?” Then he said, “If what happens in our dreams is true that means we might have powers. It doesn’t seem very likely but we might as well talk to the others about it; see what they have to say and if they have the same dreams.” “You’re probably right. But for now, we should get to school and find out what we missed in study hall.” I stood up as I pulled him up and gave him a kiss and a quick smile before we walked hand in hand towards the building that was white in real life, but solid black in our dreams. Hanaa ran up to me and asked why I hadn’t answered my phone all day yesterday and I told her about what was added to my dream. She said in her dream she could use her mind to move things. Our whole group was outside. Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Hanaa, Ashley, Perrie, Danielle, and I stood around each other, silent. We knew we all had the same dream two nights in a row and we all knew we had different powers in them. What was everyone else’s? Harry and I stayed close by each other today and we all decided to meet over the weekend after I got my walking boot off. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to “take it easy” with this new dream repeating itself every night. Good thing tomorrow is Thursday. Only 2 more days until I can get this thing off! I was so happy for that reason but then the dream would flow into my head and questions would come with it. Was it supposed to mean something? Was it true? Could the events in our dreams actually resemble events in the future? I was distracted the whole day. Even from Harry a few times. The rest of the day went by pretty slowly and I don’t remember it much. I just remember the dream. Instead of it ending with me sleeping, I woke up the next day. I was in some kind of trouble. Someone called me down to the school office saying I had a phone call. When I answered it, a woman’s voice said, “Be careful. Your dreams may seem like a dream, but they do come true. Listen to your friends and the meaning will come to you in the next few weeks.” I was left staring at the phone when “she” hung up. I didn’t understand what I just heard, and decided to leave it alone. I thought about it all day and Harry said he got the same phone call. I couldn’t believe it. Should I believe it? Finally Saturday came. I was hoping to get the boot off and be cleared by the doctor rather quickly so we could start our meeting about the dream. Of course since I wanted it to happen it didn’t. Harry told me to take a seat in the waiting room so I did while Hanaa and my dad looked through magazines and brochures on the table. I laughed at them. As they sat down, both of them crossed their right leg over their left and flipped a page. Hanaa had a People magazine she found with the band in it and dad had the famous Sports Illustrated magazine, but they were reading with the same level of interest. I had to laugh silently to myself and my face was completely red when Harry came to sit next to me. He looked at me and followed my eyes to across the room where they were sitting. He started laughing as well. I don’t know how much time passed before a nurse called us in. I asked if my dad could come in with me and left Harry and Hanaa alone. Since we were all friends before I knew it wouldn’t be weird for them to be in a waiting room for a few minutes by themselves. I followed a nurse into a room and sat on the table with the paper on it. Dad stood near the corner. I knew he didn’t like hospitals anymore than I did. That’s why I brought him with me, so he could see I was fine. I am his little girl after all. The doctor came in and greeted dad then came over to me. He smiled at me and introduced himself, “You must be Claire. I’m Doctor Ish.” He gave me a big smile and I bit my lip really hard trying not to laugh at his name. He took off my boot and had my dad help me get off the table. I was instructed to walk around a little and if I felt any pain at all to tell him when, where, and how much pain there was. I took a few steps around the room with my dad by my side in case I fell. It felt great to be able to walk normally again. I didn’t feel any pain and the doctor wrote something down on a piece of paper. I know it’s rude to read what other people write but I couldn’t stop myself. He wrote on a blank line, “They’re ready.” I went back out into the waiting room after that and my dad followed behind saying he was happy I was okay and muttering something to himself. I pretended I was texting someone and typed out on the keyboard, “Weird doctor. I’ll tell you about it in the car.” Harry hugged me as I showed him and I showed Hanaa behind my dad’s back. They could tell it was something serious. Harry, Hanaa, and I got into Harry’s car and dad got into his old machine and we followed him out of the parking lot. 

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