Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


2. Complicated Love- Chapter 2


Chapter 2- Awkward Shopping

 The next day I learned that Hanaa and Louis also talked for a while. Neither of us could believe our plan actually worked. We each got a new guy, and we could both have another and share the 5th. How amazing is that? Dinner with my dad was like any other. We had something frozen that I picked out. It usually went in the oven or microwave and we ate it in front of the TV. We aren’t the richest people so I have a job at the mall. I work in place in the food court that sells cheap good food. As an employee I get a discount and eat lunch there on the weekends and dinner on the week days after school. Along with dad, I make money to pay for food and bills and every once in a while I can get some new clothes. With school and work, I haven’t had time for much of a social life. Hanaa and I have been friends since birth so she knows my… troubles. When I finally finished my home work and my food, I had to go shopping because we were low on supplies. I decided to head over to Target and use my coupons from my previous job there. First I got some frozen foods, then a little bit of ice cream just because I had a little extra, and found some ramen noodles, milk, and cereal all on sale. Just because I was curious, I went into the candy isle. I love the smell of the sweets. There are chocolates, gummy worms, mint, frosting, sprinkles, sour candy, starburst, and much, much more. I felt like such a little kid especially since I had changed into sweats and a baggy t-shirt when I got home hoping to have time to myself and relax. I even took out my contacts and wore my glasses. I have to say I looked like a dork. Then I ran into him. Harry was there shopping too. For a second I didn’t recognize him, then felt a wave of nervousness flood my body as he looked at me, having to think of a name to put with my face. Once we both came to the realization of who we ran into, we both blurted “hey! What are you doing here? I’m shopping, what are you? Really, me too!” We started talking at the same time and he was so sweet. He gave me an honest answer and I didn’t feel like telling him my whole background so I said I was just about to leave and turned around. I walked away before he could say anything else to me. I feel horrible still because of the look of puzzlement on his face. Hanaa and I walked to school and I told her about everything. She told me almost the exact same story with Louis but they weren’t at Target. Her story was much more interesting since she could talk to Louis and not just run away because she was scared  to know him and of what he would think of her back ground. She had a much better one than I had. I got into my car and drove away as fast as I could after I had bought what I needed to. I saw Harry run out of the store with the things he had bought in bags and look for something. I guess he was looking for me but he didn’t find my car in time. It wasn’t even my car. It was my dad’s and extremely old. We use this car anytime we go anywhere so it’s gotten a lot of miles on it. Especially since I’ve learned how to drive; I’m sent out to do all the shopping and I get to drive more often so I really don’t mind being by myself in the car. I just hope Harry doesn’t think I was strange for running off like that.

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