Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


19. Complicated Love- Chapter 19


Chapter 19- Skipping School

Hanaa was shaking me awake. I didn’t know what was going on so I kind of jumped. She said the same thing she said to me yesterday morning, “Claire, Claire? CLAIRE! Wake up! We’re going to be late!” this was just plain weird. Where was I? Did I miss something or was I really dreaming yesterday? The whole day was like this. The things that happened yesterday happened today but the exact opposite. Harry saw something had been bothering me and instead of just asking me about it, he took me to the back of the school at lunchtime, pushed me up against the wall, gave me another perfect kiss on the lips, and said, “Tell me.” I knew I could tell him anything, but I wasn’t sure if I should tell him about this. I had already told Hanaa about it and she said the exact same thing happened to her. I did all the same things, so did everyone else, but the world was flipped around and messed up. I slowly explained how my dream started after I fell asleep watching the Wizard of Oz with Hanaa soon after texting him. I told him every little detail and it only took about half an hour. I was a little mad at myself for that but I was able to relax because it was study hall right now. I finally finished talking when I said, “And Hanaa said she had the same dream. Is that even a possibility?” Harry gave me the most serious look he could pull of and said, “Louis and I had that same dream last night. Liam, Niall, and Zayn said it was probably just us agreeing on something, but hearing you say this, and Hanaa having it, there has got to be some kind of connection.” There must be. “I agree but until we find it, do you think there’s a chance all of us will have the same dream? What if it means something?” this is just strange. All of us had the same dream where the same things happen. “I don’t know if it does or not but if it does, we will find the meaning, and if anything new is added to our dreams, we have to tell each other. Even if it bothers us, okay?” he always knows what to do. “Okay, I promise.” We were now sitting in the field behind the school so it wouldn’t be as easy to see who it was if anyone looked out the window. It felt good to tell someone besides Hanaa about things like this. She’s been my only true friend for my life and it feels good to tell her, but it also feels good knowing I have more than one person in my life I can turn to that isn’t my family. We just hung out the rest of the day in the field day dreaming about our future. We finally gave up on thinking and looked at the clouds. They were beautiful. Some clouds were low and some of them looked higher up. Some were flat but others looked like floating mounds of cotton candy, or like big waves in the ocean hitting against a rocky cliff. I love watching the clouds. I love watching Harry. We spent the afternoon lying on the grassy hill. Right at sunset I turned on my side, the love of my life next to me. I was mesmerized by his perfect features and how he always put our relationship first. I noticed his eyes were closed so I gave him a gentle kiss and put my head on him. His arm moved over my shoulders and I figured my quiet movements made him react like this. What I couldn’t see was the smile that spread over his lips as his green eyes opened up and made sure it was me that was on him. He took a big breath and sighed the same time I did. Our hearts were beating as one under the orange, pink, red, and purple sunset, and I realized I loved him more than I thought I did, and again I fell asleep in the grass next to him. 

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