Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


18. Complicated Love- Chapter 18


Chapter 18- Backwards World

“Claire, Claire? CLAIRE! Wake up! We’re going to be late!” I woke up with Hanaa shouting in my ear the next morning and jumped a little considering it was still dark outside, and I was on the opposite side of the room? How did that happen? Everything was in the same place, but on the other side, and I was wearing the opposite colors, and so was Hanaa! “What is going on?” I said with pure confusion. Hanaa, or who I thought was Hanaa looked at me and said, “We were watching a movie when you fell asleep. We are going to be late for school if we don’t hurry and you know how bad the consequences are for it.” I thought about this and said, “There’s no way we are going to be late. It’s still dark outside!” “Did you hit your head or something? It’s always dark outside. But we have 5 minutes to get to school. Let’s go before you think you broke the wrong foot.” I did. My boot was on the other foot. Did I hit my head? Am I dreaming? There’s no way this could be real. Hanaa is real, I am real, and our house is real. I’m going to wake up and get out of this dream, then I can go to Harry’s and everything will be fine again. Right? Was I even with Harry here? What was the story behind my broken foot? Is Harry even in this place? All of the questions I thought of started flooding into my head like they were drops of water falling from a dark sky, like the one I saw above me now. I turned to the right to step out the door but hit the wall instead. I told myself everything was reversed so I turned to the left and unlocked the door. Once Hanaa and I were safely outside, I got lost. The houses and streets were even backwards. How could this be possible? Hanaa had a tight hold on my hand and dragged me over to the school building. A usually white cream color, the bricks were now black as midnight and blended in with the sky. Something is definitely not right. Hanaa had to steer me in the right direction just to get to my locker. I’ve had the same locker for 3 years, I knew where it was without even thinking about it, and I lost it. I was stunned when I walked into the classrooms. All of them looked exactly like the outside walls, black bricks made up the wall, with little or no color on boards and drawings tacked up on the wall, it was one of the ugliest things I had ever seen. I found out rather quickly from observation that boys and girls did not mix in any way, shape, or form, and if you did one thing the teacher did not like, you were kicked out of school and couldn’t come back for a week. Most people would celebrate that, but here, there isn’t anything to celebrate. A week from school means you are under house arrest for a week and the police watch your house to make sure you abide to the law of the school. I thought I was going out of my mind. I can’t last a day without Harry, I won’t. I searched and searched the halls until I found him and the band, nervously waiting outside the lunch room for something. I asked them what was wrong and Harry whispered, “We can’t be seen or we’ll be punished. The headmistress hates it when boys and girls mingle. You need to go.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. This is not Harry, This is not the man I fell in love with and this is not my world. I want my life back. I want my Harry back. Why can’t I get it back? Now I definitely know I’m not in the right world. Have I somehow entered an alternate universe where everything is strict and dark and powerless? At the end of the day I ran back into my house and almost forgot where the stairs were. I reached into my pocket and looked through my contacts. I texted Hanaa saying, “I think I’m in another world. Please help me get out of it!” I forwarded it to Harry and Danielle as well. I didn’t know what else to do besides my homework and read a book. Just then my dad ran in out of breath and leaned against my door frame, “Oh thank god you’re here! You scared me! You know you’re not allowed to be in your room unless you’re sleeping! Now get out and come down stairs young lady. I want to see those tiles squeaky clean by the time I get back.” Dad? No it can’t be. My dad was nice and didn’t make me scrub the floors. He never went out at night and left me alone but… was it nighttime? How did I know when he was going to be back? Why can’t we be in our rooms unless we’re sleeping? Just then another detail became very obvious. I was stuck in a world where my house was clean, we had money, I lost Harry, everything was backwards, the people were mean, the sun never came out, and…my mom was alive. The people I was close to now, I wasn’t close to here. The people I weren’t close to, I am now close to. I feel like my mother rose from the dead and came back to haunt me. I tried to slap myself, pinch my arm, dump cold water on my head, I tried everything to wake myself up and it was not working. I had no idea what time it was but I decided to go to bed. I figured the earlier I went to bed, the earlier I would wake up and I could get ready for school. There is no way I am going to be late to this school in this messed up, backwards, crazy world full of lunatics. I decided to stay calm. I got a text back from Hanaa, “You do know I’m sitting right next to you right?” that means there must be two of me. One of me stayed in my world, and the other one came here. Then what am I supposed to do? I don’t know anything about this place! Everyone is so shallow and mean. Harry was the nicest person yet and he probably doesn’t even know my name let alone know I love him and he loves me! I can’t live in this world. Tomorrow I am going to find a way to escape and get back home. Upstairs I turned off my lamp, of course the switch was on the wrong side just like the lamp so it took me a few minutes to turn it completely off. I day dreamed and thought about today for a while and finally went into a dreamless sleep. 

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