Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


17. Complicated Love- Chapter 17


Chapter 17- Nap Time!

“OUCH! Stop it! You’re gonna hurt yourself!” I couldn’t help but laugh at Harry trying to help me walk and carry all of our stuff. Even though we have the same classes, he clearly has more than I to carry.  And I clearly have fallen for him more than I ever could’ve imagined. Was that good? Was that bad? My thoughts got cut off. Liam walked up behind us and went, “What are the two love birds doing in the hallway now?” I shot back at him, “Don’t you have a girlfriend of your own to catch up with?” he smiled at me and Harry and sped ahead to catch up with Danielle. Next Niall came running. Harry was holding my hand and our stuff was in his other just barely balanced. He split our hands apart and pretended not to be there. Harry and I gave him a look than he said, “What? Was I interrupting something?” He was trying too hard to hide his laughing. Finally he gave up and couldn’t stop. We had to laugh with him and watched him catch up to a girl he liked named Ashley. She had just moved here and he talked about her a few times. He asked Hanaa and me if we had talked to her at all since we were girls. We haven’t but he wasn’t afraid to talk to anyone at all. Our little group of the 7 of us was joined by Ashley, Perrie, and Danielle. Now our table had Harry next to me, Hanaa on my other side in case I needed to talk to her, Louis, Liam and Danielle, Niall and Ashley were nervously sitting next to each other, I guess Niall invited her to sit with us earlier today. Zayn and Perrie were sitting at the other end of the table enjoying themselves quietly away from the rest of us. Both of them were quiet and nice. I don’t know Perrie that well but Zayn and the boys goof off all the time. Zayn and Perrie are just themselves and only them when they’re together. I admire them for this. They can be in the center of attention and be in their own little world all at the same time. Lunch went by rather quickly and so did the rest of the day. I can’t believe how fast time has gone by. Harry and I have only been together for about a week and it feels like yesterday we went to the movies. I was walking home with Hanaa and thinking about it. I didn’t expect anything like this to ever happen to me. I wouldn’t change a thing though. I walked into my house smiling. I immediately sat on the couch that was just inside my front door. I kicked off the shoe off my good foot and took off my walking boot. For some reason I wasn’t in the best mood so I took it off and threw it at the floor. My mood had changed as soon as I came in the house. Once again I forgot to get and ice pack before I took it off so I put it back on and stumbled over to the fridge. Dad wasn’t home so I was alone and had to get it myself. When I plopped back down on the couch my eyelids got really heavy. I tried my best to fight them closing but I gave in. I don’t remember falling asleep but I must have. When I woke up dad was home unfreezing chicken nuggets and my phone had a billion new messages from Hanaa, Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Danielle, and even one from Ashley. I didn’t recognize the number at first but she put her name at the end. All of them were basically the same. “Hey! Text me back when u get the chance :)” were Hanna’s. Louis said, “C’mon are you dead?” or my favorite, “Answer me or I’m coming over there and dragging you away from whatever you’re doing!” from Danielle. We have become close friends to tell the truth. She doesn’t know nearly as much as Harry or Hanaa, but we’re still close. Then Harry said, “Did you fall asleep again? I don’t care how long it is, just text me back when you can. How’s your leg? Love you babe :)” Oh god I love him so much. This text made me blush just as my dad walked in with a fresh ice pack and a hot plate of pizza rolls he made just for me. All the chicken nuggets he heated up he ate in less than ten minutes and went upstairs to go to bed. I was still eating and wanted to relax and keep my promise to Harry of taking it easy, so I settled on watching The Wizard of Oz for the zillionth time. I texted Harry back and his reply came faster than I expected, I hope I didn’t worry him too much. I invited Hanaa to watch it with me so we munched on popcorn and greasy stuff ‘til I fell asleep again. My eyes fluttered open and closed for a few minutes and I went into a very deep sleep. 

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