Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


16. Complicated Love- Chapter 16


Chapter 16- Hospital Stays and Love Delays

Doctors and nurses surrounded me as I was put on a stretcher and something was attached to my face. I could hear someone telling me to stay calm that wasn’t Harry. I could feel his hand on mine as I raced into a room. I was hooked up to machines for them to take tests and find out what was wrong. They could see my ankle was bleeding badly, they quickly stitched that up and bandaged it, but they couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t responsive like someone normally would be when they were injured. I had blurry vision so if anyone was trying to hold something in front of my face I couldn’t see it. I couldn’t see Harry. All of a suddenly, everything went black and I was asleep. I woke up in a hospital room with a cast on my foot and Harry sleeping on the couch. I had cards on the nightstand from friends and family. I tried to sit up but before I could, Harry saw me moving and was beside me before I could say anything. “Are you alright? Do you need anything? I’m so sorry.” It took me a minute to process what he was saying, he pushed me back against the bed and sat it up for me and fluffed my pillow. “What… what happened? Where are we? What day is it?” Harry sighed in relief. “We were walking to my car in the rain and you tripped. A broken glass bottle cut your ankle and a little piece of glass stayed in your leg. I noticed something was wrong because you weren’t responding to me so I drove straight here. The doctor says your leg should be fine in a week or so. You went into shock. The nurse said if something traumatic has happened to a person, unconsciously things trigger the memory of the traumatic moment. From what you’ve told me and what you’re dad and Hanaa have come up with, your memory was your mother’s death. The blood on your leg and the water made you think of the blood on the floor when you got home and you went into shock. The way the doctor says it, you had a nervous breakdown.” He finished the sentence with a little tremor in his voice. I said, “So how long have I been out for?” Harry explained to me that I was only asleep for a few hours and that he stayed here the whole time calling the band and Hanaa and my father letting them know what had happened. I remembered we had school tomorrow and said, “What about school? We have it tomorrow and if I’m going to have this thing on my leg for at least another week I won’t be able to walk around.” Before Harry could answer my question the doctor came in to make sure I was awake and doing fine. I zoned out thinking of all the possible things that could’ve happened if this was Harry and not me. Harry. He was in my head and in my heart. I saw the doctor leaving and a satisfied smile on Harry’s face. “Did you get any of that?” “No.” He laughed and said it was a good thing he was there. He told me the doctor came in to say that if I wanted too, they could take off my cast within the hour and give me a walking boot. Apparently I also had a hairline fracture in my ankle where the glass was. I decided I wanted it. Harry grabbed my hands and helped me stand up and get into the wheelchair. He kissed me before he got behind me and pushed me into the hallway. A nurse asked if he would rather have her push me but he politely denied them and rolled me into the surgery room. We had to wait a few minutes before the doctor arrived. He told me to lie back on the table and relax. Harry held my hand and told me to squeeze it if I got scared or felt any pain. A line going down the front of my cast was drawn and a mini saw blade was placed along it. The machine was turned on and it sounded like a bus and a motorcycle mixed together into one very loud obnoxious sound. It surprised me and I squeezed Harry’s hand. I looked up nervously and laughed. Harry mouthed, “I love you.” and I mouthed it too. The doctor was concentrated on my leg and didn’t notice. In no time my cast was off and I was being fitted for a walking boot. Harry kept my balance as he knew I was destined to fall at some point. We laughed and messed around with the different sizes I put on. All of them were uncomfortable and ugly. The very last one was comfortable. It had Velcro strips going around it, it was black, it didn’t get too hot on the inside, and it was the least ugly. Once I decided on it I jokingly gave a quick turn for Harry and said, “How do I look?” He said, “I don’t care what you’re wearing. You’ll always be beautiful to me.” He smiled, spun me around, and before I could fall, he caught me and finished his little move with kissing me. We left the hospital after he checked out. I hadn’t thought of the price. “How am I going to pay for this? I’m going to need another job! Ugh, I’m such a klutz!” I guess I was thinking out loud because Harry turned to me and said, “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got the bills covered. I already paid okay? I just want you to take your time, relax and take it easy for this week okay?” I stopped and stared. I couldn’t believe he said that so easily. It must’ve cost a couple thousand dollars for this! “Wow I… don’t know what to say but thank you. And for you, I will try my hardest to take it easy.” I flashed him a smile and got into his car. When I got into the car, something else popped into my head, “I’m sorry for ruining your night.” “Why? No one knew you would hurt yourself. There is nothing to apologize for. The good thing is that you’re okay and I got you here in time.” The sun light made his eyes sparkle. They were seas of blue and green with a little bit of brown around the rims. Deep enough to drown in, but light enough to fall for, and love. 

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