Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


15. Complicated Love- Chapter 15


Chapter 15- Harry’s Night

“It’s breathtaking. The colors, the smell, the look, the feel… I’m speechless.” Was my first response to the lake Harry drove us to. We intertwined our fingers and left our shoes in the car. The sand felt good between my toes. It was cool and soft. Not grainy and hard like it can be on some beaches. It was also white and smooth. Harry and I took a walk along the beach near a campground. I felt like I had been there before but I don’t remember if it was true or not. I don’t remember much of when I was little except for the day my mom was killed. I think she’s the reason I’m scared of swimming and water. I decided that as long as I was with Harry I would try to get over any little fears I have. We played in the water some since splashing didn’t bother me. It was so romantic. After our little game of “who can splash the highest and the most at the other person?” Harry made a fire he had set up the day before, and started singing. His voice was amazing. I didn’t even bother to join in because I can’t sing and his voice was unbelievable. Singing by the campfire on a perfect day at sunset was the best way to say goodbye to today and hello to tomorrow. Soon we were curled up next to each other, alone again under the stars. We were like this just yesterday. How did all of this happen in just one day? The thought of being with him made me smile. “Harry, can I ask you something?” I asked. “Anything.” “Earlier, when we heard Louis and Hanaa talking, what did he mean by you’ve been going through some hard times?” He thought for few moments. I was scared I had asked the wrong question at the wrong time. But he did love me right? I told him all of my problems, I wouldn’t mind if he did the same so I brushed his curls out of his face and said, “Tonight is your night. Don’t worry about me. You talk about you. Take your time. If we’re here all night, tomorrow is Sunday. We’ll catch up on sleep tomorrow night.” Then he asked me, “How can you be so understanding?” with a shy smile on his face. I tried my best to look deep into his soul so he would know I meant it with all my heart. “Because I love you.” with that he began by saying, “Well you know by now that I am in a band. Our band’s name is One Direction. When we were on the x-factor UK is where we first met. We auditioned as solo artists and had only seen each other once or twice before on stage. The week before the judge’s house was instead of the big auditorium, they called all of us off the show. I was devastated. I wanted more than anything to win that show. But before the night was over, me, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn were called into a room at the back of the stage along with 4 other girls I believe, maybe it was 5. Simon told us we were being put in a band with each other for the rest of the competition. It was one of the best things to ever happen to me. All of us got along really well from the beginning. But ever since we’ve been a band, I’ve gotten more stage fright. There have been a few cases when my nerves got the best of me and I messed up a solo in a song or I was sick and still went on stage. Recently it’s been getting worse and I don’t know how to handle it. It’s a stupid fear really but it’s becoming a problem.”  I spoke from my heart when I said, “No fear is a stupid one. They all came from somewhere and must be faced. If we live our life in fear, there’s no chance of living, finding love, or succeeding.” He seemed to think about my words for a minute and looked at me with those green eyes that are going to be the death of me. “Your right and I think I just thought of a cure.” “I’m listening. What is it?” He smiled at me and asked, “How would you like to come to the concerts?” Again I had to control what came out of my mouth because in my mind I was screaming my lungs out and going, “YES! If it means being with you every day, I’ll come!” but the words flew out of my mouth. Harry laughed and gave me a long sweet passionate kiss, just as it started to rain. It scared me and I jumped up. Harry then felt it to, grabbed my wrist, pulled me close, and continued with our kiss in the rain. We stood there for a while wrapped in each other’s warmth before I said we should get inside the car before one of us got sick. He agreed I started walking but tripped. The day was going so perfectly too! I felt something in my ankle but I couldn’t see because the rain was so heavy. I felt Harry pick me up and carry me. When we got to the car, he set me down. I couldn’t put any weight on my foot so Harry helped me sit down and closed my door. He ran to the driver side door and jumped in. He turned the lights on in the car so I could see. It didn’t help much. I could tell there definitely was something wrong with my leg. It was gushing blood. I felt sick to my stomach at the sight of it. Harry saw I was in pain and asked me if I was alright, or so he said he did. All I remember is Harry holding my hand while he was driving and severe pain shooting up into the rest of my leg. He sped around corners and called someone on the phone. When we stopped, he got out as fast as he could, took off my seatbelt, picked me up, wrapped my ankle with the jacket he had in the back of his car, and rushed me into the emergency room. Why me? I knew I was going to hurt myself!

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