Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


14. Complicated Love- Chapter 14


Chapter 14- Double Date and “I Love You”

I had to think for a second. Before I thought about anything, I kissed him. I could feel his face relax with the assumption that I loved him back. When I lifted my head, I saw Hanaa and Louis standing in the doorway with smirks on their faces. I whispered to Harry so they couldn’t hear, “I love you too.” Louis said, “Hey Harry how’s it going over there?” Hanaa giggled and I joined her with embarrassment. My cheeks turned pink and so did Harry’s. Hanaa and Louis walked over and sat right between us. Harry grabbed my hand and laced his fingers with mine behind their backs. Louis started to say. “We would like to go on a double date.” While he was facing Harry. Hanaa looked at me and finished his thought. “Would you two love birds like to come with us?” Harry leaned forward so he could see my face and I leaned forward so I could see his. “As long as Harry and I don’t have to be separated by you two, I’m okay with it.” Louis gave Harry a look I didn’t understand but they did and said, “It’s a date! Let’s go Hanaa; we should give Hazza some privacy with his girlfriend.” And he winked at me. We talked for a few more minutes about random stuff and finally got on our way. Hanaa and Louis were ready to go and from what we heard, talking about us. I stopped Harry and we listened for a few seconds, I heard Hanaa say, “They are perfect, don’t you think?” Louis replied, “It seems they are, Harry’s had some tough times lately and it sounds like Claire has too. I think they make a perfect match.” After the sentence ended, we ran into the room, and shouted, “WE’RE HERE!” and started laughing like crazy. We danced around the room until all of us were out of breath and headed out. Harry and I took his car, and Hanaa went with Louis. Harry’s plan for just us to be on a date was changed, but we went to the same places. Harry and I led Louis and Hanaa to a nice little restaurant on the outskirts of town and chose to be seated in a booth. The waitress we had was from another country and had a very think accent. Harry must’ve recognized it because he started a conversation in another language. “What language was that?” Harry smiled and replied, “The language of love.” and kissed me. I figured that meant French since Paris is supposedly the ‘City of love’.  I swear every time I feel his kiss, it warms my heart and I forget the past, present, and future. I’m caught up in the moment. I felt his heart racing and remembered he’s human and not some perfect creature sent from above just for me. When I looked up, the waitress had arrived with our food. It smelled delicious. Harry ordered steak; I got chicken Alfredo because I still feel bad if he has to pay too much for me. Hanaa’s food was her favorite; macaroni and cheese, Louis ordered something that he said tasted better than it looked. We all laughed when he got it because his face said “What the heck did you just put in front of me?”  We all enjoyed our food and talked. After a few minutes of awkward silence and enjoying our food, someone started a game. We ask any person at the table a random question and they have to answer it. It lasted longer than I thought it would but we had to stop because the people in the next booth over were complaining about our loudness. Then we decided to pack up our leftover food and hit the road. It was sunset and Harry said he had one last thing planned before it was time for him to drop me off at home. I didn’t want to leave. I’ve never been this close and if we stayed at the restaurant there wasn’t going to be a chance when I could mess up. I know I will at some point. I just hope it doesn’t break us up. I still went along with Harry’s plans though.





























































































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