Complicated Love

it's about One Direction and an unlikely complicated relationship.


10. Complicated Love- Chapter 10


Chapter 10- Their Mansion

“So Harry, now that you know about her mother, has anything changed?” Oh god I can hear my father questioning Harry like it’s an interrogation. “No sir. Claire is one of the best things to ever happen to me, and something in the past I might not ever completely understand, won’t keep me from her.” In my head I’m thinking “Yes, Harry. Keep answering like that and soon my father will actually like you!” my dad was really good at proving my thoughts wrong or interrupting them at the perfect moment to catch me off guard but I was paying attention. “Good. Next question, how many have you dated before?” I could almost hear Harry think, “I’ve dated a few other girls. Only because they asked me. I’ve never asked a girl out until now.” I was kind of shocked at this. How could someone as amazing as Harry not have dated that many girls? I must not have realized it but I made a noise because Harry called my name so I acted like I was just coming down the stairs. Harry said he has plans for the whole day. Most of it is just going to be us but some of it will end up being with the boys. Maybe Hanaa too depending on if she’s with Louis or not today. I can’t wait! We started driving and I realized I didn’t know where we were going, and Harry said he was going to drive to his house so he could get ready for the day and then he was going to take me out for brunch. Where was his house? Were his parents home? I think it’s just him and the other boys living together which sounds weird but I don’t mind. Honestly it’ll feel weird having someone besides Hanaa pay for stuff like this. I don’t go out very much and when I do it’s with Hanaa because she really has paid for everything we do outside of visiting each other’s houses. We got to Harry’s “house” and I stood, frozen in awe. This is not a house. It’s only a few minutes from mine but definitely not a house. The boys all ran out to greet Harry and almost tackled him. I laughed at them and in disbelief that this place actually existed. It was too big to be called a house. It was too plain of a word for what this thing is. It’s a mansion! Harry lives in a mansion and goes to my school! He must be rich! Before I could say anything, Harry picked me up and carried me through the large double doors that led into the main room.  They had everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. They had a full fridge with a full pantry. I’ve only seen this much food in one other place called the grocery store. Next Harry showed me the living room. The couch alone had a place for 5 recliners, 10 cup holders, and a section that folds out into a bed. The TV was a gigantic thing that took up most of the wall. There were a few x-boxes, a couple wiis, a few different play stations, a Nintendo 64, a game cube, and a DVD player. The ceilings must have been at least 50 feet up. In the dining room there was a very long table that was always set with the finest china and wine glasses even though none of them drank wine. The silverware looked like it would shatter with the gentlest touch. Through a doorway was a mini home theatre. It had a popcorn machine, soda machine, vending machine, and any other food related machine you can think of. A little farther down the corridor was a library. It was filled from floor to ceiling, and wall to wall with books. None of them were in any organized order. Past the library there is a staircase. There are a few others just like it throughout the house but this one is closest to Harry’s room. Upstairs is where all the bedrooms were. Harry and Louis picked ones right next to each other. Niall, Liam, and Zayn chose theirs depending on what it was closest too. Niall had a secret door that opened a set of stairs to the kitchen, Liam’s room had a fireman’s pole that slid into the library, and Zayn was just fine with his room having a bathroom in it. Harry said in this house there are 15 extra guest bedrooms, 15 bathrooms, 15 half bathrooms, over 100 windows, and 5 main living areas. Is it just me or is that huge? Harry stayed in his room while I explored a little more. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn I guess were curious about me because as soon as Harry went into his room they appeared next to me and bombarded me with questions. Louis mostly asked about Hanaa, Niall mostly asked about what kinds of food I likes, Liam mostly asked if I recognized any of them, and every once in a while Zayn could slip in a word or two. Liam kept asking me the same question in a bunch of ways. After a few minutes I held up my hand and they all got quiet. I asked Liam why he kept asking me about them and he said, “We are the band One Direction. We have girls screaming all over the world and couldn’t believe it when we found out your school knew nothing about us. All of us are singers and Niall plays guitar in some of our songs. Have you never heard of our single What Makes You Beautiful or our first album Up All Night?” maybe? “I’ve heard of them a couple of times but I didn’t know that was you guys. It’s not bad that I don’t know right?” They looked at each other happily and smiled. Zayn said it’s not bad at all. It just means I’m not a crazy fan girl who was trying to get a date with Harry Styles then tweet or post secret pictures all day long. I told them that I noticed Harry staring at me in class then Hanaa said we should sit with them at lunch to see if they needed any help. Just then Harry showed up. I think he did what I did before and hid there until there was a good place to come out. He came up to me, kissed me, and asked if they guys were bothering me. I told him they weren’t and he sent me outside to wait for him while he talked to them a few minutes. I decided that would be a good time to call Hanna so I did. She answered right away. “Hanaa are you there?” the reception was bad so I couldn’t hear her as well. “Yeah! I’m right here. How’s your day been going? Did everything work out last night?” “Yes Hanaa, everything went…” I paused thinking of a word to say, “perfect. Everything went perfectly. I worried myself for nothing. I told Harry as much as I knew and he handled it pretty well considering I didn’t have the slightest idea how he was going to handle it in the first place.” I could hear Hanaa breathing on the other end and she took a big breath. “Are you okay? What exactly happened?” I responded slowly. I got the same feeling I always get when I talk about this, I started sweating, my cheeks burned, my stomach felt like it was twisting, and I had to lean on something to keep from collapsing. “Yes I’m fine. Harry drove me out to the country side and we stared up at the stars for a while before I started talking.” At this moment Harry came out of the house silently, listening in on the conversation while hiding behind a car in the driveway. “I told him my parents always fought and how she was killed and that it still bothers me because I know they are still out there. And that your mom found her and what my dad said and he was so sweet. We just laid on the grass until morning and he kissed me before we went to sleep and his face was wet with tears. The only other person I’ve told is him and for a few minutes it seemed like he understood, like he got my pain and was able to feel like I did and see the world through my eyes. No one’s ever done that but you because you lived it with me.” Hanaa thought for a second then said, “Claire I think you’re in love.” I had no response to that so I asked her, “How do you know?” she answered, “I don’t have to be with you to picture your face and the look in your eye. I am your best friend, I have lived your life and mine at times but I don’t mind it. Even if it’s not me, you can tell just by looking at your smile.” Me? In love? that’s hard for me to think with how many times I’ve been hurt. “What about Harry? Can you tell if he feels the same way?” I asked with honest curiosity. “I’m sure he does from what Louis tells me. You two are meant to be together. It’s like fate brought you someone like Harry and me someone like Louis to help us go through life.” I smiled, shrugged, and laughed at the thought that Harry really was all mine. “Yeah. I guess it is.” 

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