Is it love?

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2. Chapter 2



I woke up with the bright sun, glaring in my face. I jerked up, realizing I wasn’t in my own bedroom. I looked around, then remembered that we had crashed at the boy’s place. I looked behind me to see Niall sleeping soundly. His blonde/brown hair was plastered to his for head, and his pink lips were slightly parted. He is just so darned cute. And cozy and warm. If only…. I sighed again.

“Hey.” He looked up at me, sleep clouding his blue eyes. I looked away, feeling ashamed that he had caught me staring.

“Hey.” I tugged at the fabric of his basketball shorts that I wore. “I um… I wasn’t staring or anything…” He laughed.

“Of course you weren’t,” He rolled his ocean blue eyes.

“You hungry?” I asked, hurriedly changing the subject.

“Did you even have to ask?” He winked at me and grinned. I felt my face get hot, thanking God that blush didn’t show up on my dark skin. I got up and headed to the kitchen, pulling out pots and pans, and the various ingredients required for chocolate chip pancakes. Niall came in and dumped half of the bag of chocolate chips in his hand, before racing out of the kitchen, with me chasing after him. I turned the stove on, and mixed the batter while the stove heated up.

“Morning, Zayn mumbled as he sleepily lumbered into the kitchen.

“Morning, now shoo shoo!” I said pushing him out of the kitchen. By the time the pancakes finished, the hotel room was filled with the delicious aroma of melted chocolate, and coffee. I carried plates into the living room where everyone was sitting. Taylor and Harry looked half asleep and half annoyed as Louis bounced circles around them, calling things like ‘Love Birds” or calling Taylor ‘Soon-to-be-mrs.-styles.’

“Sit down or you don’t get pancakes!” I handed Taylor and Harry their plates, gave Louis a look and went back into the kitchen to retrieve the rest of the plates.


I stuck my tongue out at Joscelyn’s retreating figure. “She never lets me have any fun.” I pouted, pretending to be hurt. Joscelyn returned a moment later, bearing two more plates. She gave those to Liam and Zayn, and went back, yet again, to the kitchen, this time returning with three plates. She set one down in front of Niall who immediately began scarfing his down, and she set one next to Niall at her place. The third plate, she set in between her and Niall.

“SUPERMAAAAAAAAN!” I lunged to get my plate, and succeeded in tugging it in front of me. I immediately began shoveling food in my mouth so she couldn’t take my plate away. However, Joscelyn just shrugged, and proceeded to steal a piece of bacon from Niall.

“Ow!” I looked up to see Niall sucking his hand. “She bit me!” I looked to see Joscelyn grinning triumphantly.

“He was trying to steal some of my eggs,” she said shrugging. She put a forkful of pancake into her mouth and chewed.

“Only cause’ you stole my bacon,” he retorted grinning.

“Only cause’ you took chocolate chips earlier.” Joscelyn countered.

“Only cause’-“

“Oh go out already,” Taylor shouted from across the room. Joscelyn and Niall froze. Both in mid bite. Then they resumed eating as if that comment had never been made.


I froze when Taylor told me and Joscelyn to go out. I stole a quick glance at her, and saw that she too had frozen, with her fork midway to her mouth. As much as I wanted to go out with her, I wasn’t sure she felt the same…


I munched on my pancakes thoughtfully. I thought it was funny how Taylor teased Niall and Joscelyn about their relationship and how they should be dating. Which is true, I mean they act like it anyway.(besides the kissing and holding hands thing.). The thing is, I could say the same thing about Taylor and Harry. They have been friends for years. And they constantly flirt with each other. The two of them dating is actually inevitable. At least I think so.

            After breakfast was finished, Joscelyn and I washed the dishes.

“I think we need to try and get them together,” I said, scrubbing a plate. The aroma of the lime dish soap wafted up towards me, and I breathed it in.”

“What do you mean?” She paused in her rinsing, and turned to me.

“Ok. It can’t just be me who sees how Taylor and Harry are together.”

“I see your point,” she said. “And honestly, I was thinking that. I have even raised that up to Taylor. Every time I do, she blushes like mad. It’s quite funny actually.” She stared into space for a few minutes. “Yeah! Let’s do it!” I flung my hand out of the water to give Joscelyn a high five, spraying her with soap in the process.

“And while we are on the subject of pairing people up….” I trailed off, winking at her. She turned back to the dishes and said,

“I don’t know what you are talking about.”

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