Kiss Me

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5. Chapter 5



“I’m sorry.” Louis pulled away and stood up. I sagged a little. Louis freakin Tomlinson just kissed me. And now he is sorry.

“U-um n-no that’s was fine, that was…” I took a deep breath. “Great,” I finished. He grinned, and the boyish sparkle returned to his eyes.

“Okay.” But then he became serious. “It’s just there is something about you…Something different. I have never kissed a girl that I just met ten minutes ago. And definitely never someone who knocked themselves out with a laser tag gun.” I blushed. “But hey, I’m not complaining. Your beautiful.” I blushed again. “Hey, you know if you keep blushing like that, you’ll be permanently red,” he joked. This of course made me, yes, blushes harder. But I also felt a giggle escape which then turned into a full blown laugh. Louis laughed along with me, looking relieved. “Hey I would like to hang out with you again sometime.” He took my phone, which was in my pocket, and punched his number in. he then saved it, and handed it back to me. We then sat there chatting until I saw Jessica burst through the doors of the arena, and a familiar looking brown haired, brown eyed boy run out after her.


I exited the arena, seeing a once in a lifetime sight. Gwen was sitting on a bench chatting with Louis Tomlinson and Jessica was smiling at Liam Payne. And I was walking out with Harry Styles. If Harry, Liam, and Louis are out here, then that means-

“Hello!” I turned around to see Joscelyn confidently stride out of the arena with a blushing Zayn trailing behind her. She winked at me as she passed, and mouthed ‘I got em’. Not too long after, A sweaty Niall followed by a blushing Nicole. OH.MY.GOSH! WE ARE SITTING AND TALKING WITH ONE FREAKIN DIRECTION!

“So what do you think?” I turned to see Harry staring at me expectantly. He must have said something to me.

“Sorry, what was that?” I asked sweetly. He grinned. He must have noticed my lack of focus.

“I was wondering if you and your friends wanted to go to dinner with us?”

“Uh, sure! We would love to!” I let out a small sigh. This was definitely the best day ever, by far.


I still couldn’t believe that they wanted us, 5 average girls, to eat dinner. WITH THEM. Did I mention that ONE DIRECTION that I’m talking about? After everyone was present and accounted for, we all exited the building, and headed down the street to Applebee’s. Niall fell in step beside me, and for the second time that day, I felt like fainting.

“So…” he said.

“So...” I replied, not really knowing what he was getting at.

“I was wondering. Do you erm, if you want to, um maybe hang out with me sometime?” he looked nervous.

“Aren’t we hanging out now?” I grinned, as I watched him blush.

“I meant um after this. You know, after today. Like tomorrow or something.” He rubbed the back of his head, and swallowed. I felt kinda bad for making him squirm like that.

“Of course I would,” I replied warmly. By that time, we had reached the restaurant. Jessica entered first, with Liam on her heels. Then Joscelyn and Zayn, Krystal and Harry, and Gwen and Louis went inside. Niall and I brought up the rear of our group. A few minutes later, we were seated in a large booth. Everyone picked up there menu, and began scanning it for something they wanted. When the waitress came over, she seemed a little starstruck. She quickly recovered, and began asking us what we wanted to drink. She leaned on the table, making her shirt slide down a little. Slut. I thought. I know that was mean, but hey, it’s true. After everyone had placed there order, she walked away, swaying her hips drastically.

“Okay that woman has it bad for you boys.” Gwen giggled.

“Apparently,” I grumbled. The waitress came back with our drinks, and proceeded to bend over to pick over her “dropped” pencil. Thus giving the boys a perfect view of her cleavage. I looked around the table, and heard Harry gulp.

“WELL!” I said, loudly clearing my throat. “I am ready to order.” This seemed to jolt the boys out of their cleavage-induced trance, and everyone scrambled to pick up their menu’s. Orders were placed, and looks were exchanged between us girls. I mean we knew we weren’t dating the guys, but I mean come on. That still didn’t please us. It took a while, but finally we recieved our meals. (I blame Niall for the hold up. He ordered practically everything on the menu). Everyone began to eat hungrily. During dessert, the boys ordered, and shared them with us. We all thought that was nice of them. When I looked up to take a drink of my lemondade, I saw Joscelyn staring sadly at the brownie sundae that her and Zayn shared. I was about to ask what was wrong, but then I remembered. That was what her and Michal ordered and shared everytime they came to eat here. It was what we had deemed their’ food. I reached under the table and touched her knee comfortingly. She looked up, gratefulness in her sad brown eyes. Then Zayn said something funny, and the sadness was replaced by humor. When we were all finished, we grabbed our bags, and headed out of the restaurant.


Dinner was a blast! Well minus the tension at the beginning. The boys were a little, er, cleavage struck by the waitress that waited on our table. Zayn was really funny, and he even shared his dessert with me. How sweet! After everyone finished eating, we all left the restaurant, and when to the nearest park. We coupled up, and each took a different path or trail. Zayn and I took a dirt path that led to a gurgling creek.

“I had a great time tonight,” I said.

“Yeah…” He shoved his hands in his pockets. I laughed. “What?” he looked confused.

“Nothing,” I said winking at him. “Your kinda shy aren’t you?”

“Well not normally around girls. But you… Your different. Your beautiful, intelligent, outgoing…” He trailed of and continued walking, kicking rocks along the way.

“You can tell all this from only knowing me for a few hours?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Well…” he began, looking flustered. “I-I don’t know you just seem… I dunno… What I do know is, would you like to hang out sometime? So that I could get to know you better?” Hopefulness filled his large brown eyes. Zayn Malik wants to know me. HE WANTS TO GET TO KNOW ME! I calmed myself down before answering.

“Well that depends.” I finally answered


“On if you are going to say more than ‘yeah’. Then I will think about it.” OMG. DID I JUST FLIRT WITH ZAYN JAWAAD MALIK??? He laughed.

“I will be more conversational, I promise.” AM I REALLY READY FOR ANOTHER RELATIONSHIP? AFTER WHAT HAPPENED WITH MICHAL? This thought raced through my mind as we passed a towering spruce. I decided to chance it. I mean I’m over him, right?

“I would love to Mr.Malik,” I said, a huge grin spreading across my face.”

“Great!” he said, matching my grin. We continued to talk until we got intuppted by Niall and Nicole chasing Gwen and Louis.


Everyone in the group had split up. Harry and I just went to the swings and sat down. I kicked my feet at the ground in order to start swinging. For a while, neither of us spoke. The only sounds was the creaking of the swing,  and the whistle of the wind through the trees. I smiled as the wind blew through my hair when the swing came down. I looked down at Harry, and saw him watching me. I stopped the swing and asked,


“Nothing,” he replied. “Just watching how beautiful a smile you have. I mean it’s like your whole face lights up.” I blushed, and my heart tap danced in my chest, while my stomach backflipped. You might as well just say, my innards are having a party.

“Thank you,” I said looking at the ground. “But it’s not true.” I stared at my shoes until I heard

Baby you light up my world like nobody else 
The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed 
But when you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell 
You don't know

You don't know you're beautiful! 

He lifted up my head, and tucked a strand of my hair behind an ear. He looked in my eyes, and for a second I thought he was going to kiss me. My heart pounded faster. He leaned in and…


Louis and I skipped away from the group, arm in arm, and giggling like mad. We had decided to sneak up on the others, and scare the mess out them. Our first targets were Krystal and Harry. We went in the opposite direction of them, and the looped back around towards them. We hid behind a bush that was across from the swing set. We watched as they chatted, and Harry made her blush. I grinned as I heard him singing to her. Then we saw Harry lean in.

“OH MY GOD HE IS GONNA KISS HER!” I whispered to Louis excitedly. Louis turned to me and grinned

“Shall we?” I nodded. Slowly we arose from the bushes and crept forward. Just as his lips touched her cheek,

“GET A ROOM!” Louis shouted just as I said,

“LOOK AT THE TWO LOVEBIRDS!” Their reaction was priceless. Krystal was blushing furiously, and Harry’s mouth had formed a wide ‘O’. Louis and I ran away laughing, and looked for our next victim. We caught sight of Nicole and Niall standing near a hotdog stand chatting. We nodded at each other, and both of us took position at either side of the stand.

“I WANT A HOTDOG NIALL BUY ME A HOTDOG!!” Louis ran up to Niall and tugged on his shirt like a two year old.

“MOMMY GET ME ONE WITH EVERYTHING ON IT!” I said as I grabbed Nicole’s leg. Niall and Nicole took one look at each other.

“I think that’s our cue,” I whispered to Louis.

“Yeah,” he whispered back. “RUUUUUUN!!!” We took off running back the way we came. Nicole and Niall were hot on our tails. We kept running, passing Jessica and Liam who were sitting on a bench, deep in conversation, and almost running into Joscelyn and Zayn. When we couldn’t take it anymore, we collapsed on the grass, panting, laughing, and holding our sides.

“That,” I gasped. “Was the most…..Fun….ever…!” Louis and I stretched out on the grass, and looked up at the stars that were now appearing in the sky.

“We will do this again sometime, right?” Louis turned to me, his blue eyes twinkling.

“Of course,” I said, without a shadow of a doubt.

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