Kiss Me

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3. Chapter 3



After the girls and I had put on our equipment, we rushed out, leaving the smell of terrible B.O behind.

“I wonder who we are opposing,”  I stopped in the middle of the long hallway.

“H.L.L.N.Z apparently,” said Joscelyn almost running into me.

“What does that even stand for?” asked Gwen coming up behind Joscelyn.

“Hungry Lions Like Nice Zebra!” exclaimed Joscelyn with a fist punch in the air. Gwen giggled.

“That would be so funny if that was true!” she said.

“What? You don’t think it is?” asked Joscelyn faking hurt. She pouted for about two seconds before it turning into a large grin. By then we had made it to the large steel double  doors of the arena. We huddled together for a quick pep talk.

“Any words, queen of pep?” I asked Joscelyn. She grinned and said,

“GO TEAM!” And with that, she pushed through the doors, and entered the arena.


When I say the arena was huge, that is an understatement. The thing could fit like two football fields in it! The ground was covered with synthetic grass, and various things like boulders, mini walls, and mirrors were at random places in the spacious arena. I didn’t have time to fawn over the large area, because the buzzer sounded, signaling that the game was starting. Jessica, Nicole, Krystal, and Joscelyn all scattered, looking for the other team. I cautiously walked forward, as quietly as I could manage while holding my gun at the ready. I heard a crackle behind me, and whirled around. I immediately slammed into something solid, my gun hitting me in the head. The last thing I heard, was a glorious British voice asking me,

“Are you alright love?” Then, I blacked out.


As soon as the buzzer went off, I ran to the right. I ducked behind a miniature wall. At least it doesn't smell to bad in here. I thought to myself. Then I felt the cold, hard  tip of a laser gun against the back of my black vest. 

“I would suggest you turn around with your hands up.”  A wonderful Irish accent came from behind me. I turned around, and almost fainted at what I saw.


I had been tailing this person for a while. He was actually pretty good. He would dodge every laser I shot. Gah! I lost him! I stopped, realizing my shoe was untied, and put my gun down next to me, so I could tie it. Biggest. Mistake. Ever. Someone stepped on my gun, and said with an accent that was a mix between British, and something else,

“You should really protect your gun better.” I slowly pulled my pink shoelace into a neat bow, stood up, turned around, and stared into the brownest eyes I have ever seen.


After the buzzer had sounded, all of us had split up. I went straight ahead, checking around myself frequently. I thought I saw something out of the corner of my eye, but I shrugged it off, thinking it was one of the girls. I kept moving, and checking. Moving and checking. Then I heard a clang, and an “Ouch!” I whirled around, firing my gun. It hit a mirror, and came straight back towards my vest. I dropped to the ground.

“Well your shot is just amazing ain’t it?” asked a voice that had a hint of humor and amusement in it.


I crept through the various props that were in the arena, occasionally looking around or ducking behind walls and boulders. Then I saw someone. Their back was facing me. They seemed to be thinking about something. Just my luck! I thought to myself. I aimed my gun and….

“You thought it was going easy eh?” the boy asked turning around, his chocolate brown eyes on me. I dropped my gun, and ran.

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