Black Raven

I'm Avery but my nickname is Ave.I'm 18 but I'm not human, I'm a raven but I can transform into a human and act like I'm not a raven.People are placing hidden cameras around and watching us transform.I will try to save our kind and protect everyone.I live in a small town called Cooperstown. Also this is my first movella.

Hope you like it!Please no hate:)~banana love 10


5. They came

                                                                                         Aves P.O.V

            We watched the movie and I sat next to Niall. I tried not to cry but I left a few tears. Luckily no one saw them. "I'M TIRED I'M HUNGRY MY FEET HURT!" I whined. Worst thing I've ever done because now police are here because they reconized my voice. "LET ME IN OR I'LL BREAK DOWN THIS DOOR!!!!" The officer yelled. I went upstairs went into a room locked the door and hid in the closet. I heard a boom and a crash.

                                                                                                Harrys P.O.V

            Ave ran upstairs to..... I don't know where but it looked like she was hiding. "WHERE IS THAT LITTLE B****!!!!!" He yelled at Liam "WHY DO YOU WANT TO KNOW????" He yelled back."SHE DOESN'T DESERVE TO LIVE!" He yelled. Well lets say they yelled for a uhhh 30 minuets? Yeah lets say 30 minuets..... Anyway I ran upstairs and told Ave it was me and she opened the door. "Whats wrong and why do they want to kill you?" I asked. "Long story and I don't like telling people unless I could really trust them," she said. "Also I'm gonna go so stay downstairs," she said ans I left.

                                                                                     Aves P.O.V

             He left and I went out the window and turned to raven. I hope they don't come near the nest. I flew there and Adam was just sitting. "Hey whats-" I cut him off "HELP ME THE COPS ARE HURTING NIALL AND HIS FRIENDS AND THEY'RE LOOKING FOR ME!!!!!" I yelled but not to loud. "WHAT NIALL IS THERE?! YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME NIALL WAS THERE AND LETS GO!" He yelled and we took off. Lets say the cops are gone everyone's ok but now us ravens are about to become extinct because people are whispering and getting out their guns.

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