Black Raven

I'm Avery but my nickname is Ave.I'm 18 but I'm not human, I'm a raven but I can transform into a human and act like I'm not a raven.People are placing hidden cameras around and watching us transform.I will try to save our kind and protect everyone.I live in a small town called Cooperstown. Also this is my first movella.

Hope you like it!Please no hate:)~banana love 10


4. Meeting the boys

                                                                 Aves P.O.V

      I came home to see an angry Adam. "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!?" He yelled. "I was talking with an old friend," I said. "It doesn't take an hour to talk," he said. "Yeah I know I also went to a raven hospital because I got shot but I'm fine," I said. "Whatever," he said. "Oh and can I go to my friend's house? Please," I begged. "Ok but be extra careful who knows what could happen," he said. "Ok I will be careful," I said and left.

     I came across a big bus that looked like a tour bus. "this must be it," I thought to myself and knocked on the door. The door opened to a curly haired boy. "Hi is Niall here?" I asked "Are you a fan girl trying to find Niall and take him away?" He asked. "He's my best friend from high school," I said. "Oh really? Prove it," he said. I took a photo album out of my pocket. "Look at this proof," I said and showed it to him. "Whatever come in," He said annoyed. I saw Niall on the couch eating potato chips. "Hi Niall," I said "You came! But how did you know I was here?" He asked. "Well I saw this giant bus with a picture of you and I was like this probably isn't it but I'll try," I said. "Very funny. But let"s get to the point of being here," Niall said as he grabbed some popcorn and got out a movie. "Fine but not a scary one because I HATE them," I said. "Yep I don't remember you freaking out when you saw one," Niall said. "I SMELL POPCORN AND MOVIES!!!!!" I heard someone yell."I HEARD LOUIS YELL SO I'M COMING!" I heard like 1 or 2 voices yell. And then I herd like a thousand people coming down the stairs (it's a bus with stairs.) " THERE'S COMPANY!!!!!!!" This guy said and he had stripes on his shirt. Then 2 other boys come down and looked at me confused. "Harry did you bring home another girl?" A guy with a buzz cut said. "No it's someone Niall brought in or at least waited for her,"Harry said trying to look innocent even though he was. I faked coughed  and nudged Niall's shoulder to get his attention to introduce me. "Oh and this is Ave an old friend of mine Ave this is Louis, Zayn, Liam, and Harry," he finally spoke up. "I wanna watch the movie!!!!" I whinned like a 3-year old. "Fine fine fine what-" i cut him off and said "BRIDGE OF TERIBITHIA!!!!!!"I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Yes I know know," He replied and got it out. "Wait that isn't fair she got to pick and we didn't agree," Louis pouted. "Have you ever seen it?" I said. "No," he said "Then lets watch it," I said.

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