Black Raven

I'm Avery but my nickname is Ave.I'm 18 but I'm not human, I'm a raven but I can transform into a human and act like I'm not a raven.People are placing hidden cameras around and watching us transform.I will try to save our kind and protect everyone.I live in a small town called Cooperstown. Also this is my first movella.

Hope you like it!Please no hate:)~banana love 10


1. Help

       I ran as fast as I can running from them.They start shooting missing me every time."Get back here now!" They screamed.

"Never!" I yell back.I hide behind a tree turning into a raven and flying away to my house.My brother Adam waiting at the nest. 

He tells me to go to the human house.I go while Adam distracts them.I'm back at the house then I see someone waiting wait it can't be wait it's.......Niall! What's he doing here? Wasn't he on a tour with Harry,Liam,Zayn, and Louis? I go behind the house turn back into a human and walk over to him.(Niall was my high school friend.)"What are you doing here?!" I said as I hugged him."Well I heard that humans turn into ravens here!" Niall said. I forgot I didn't tell him."Well uhh I got something to tell you in private." I said and I led him into the house locking the door.




                                                        Nialls P.O.V                            

       I wonder what she wanted to tell me. I've loved her all my life."Niall this is important and you must not tell anyone, not even the boys," she said."Ok I promise," I said."Ok I'm a raven yes one of those humans that turn into ravens," she said. My jaw dropped. "Are you for real?" I said. "Yes I am for real," she said. "Prove it," I said. Instantly she turned into a raven it was amazing."Wow I'm impressed," I said. Don't tell anyone ok?" she said. "ok," I replied.

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