Black Raven

I'm Avery but my nickname is Ave.I'm 18 but I'm not human, I'm a raven but I can transform into a human and act like I'm not a raven.People are placing hidden cameras around and watching us transform.I will try to save our kind and protect everyone.I live in a small town called Cooperstown. Also this is my first movella.

Hope you like it!Please no hate:)~banana love 10


2. Explaining

                                                                       Nialls P.O.V

        "How do I become a raven?" I asked. "Shhhh, they're gonna find us!" Ave whispered. "Who is 'they'?" I asked. "The police they are after all of the ravens in Cooperstown and soon the whole state!" Ave whispered loudly. "Is there anyway I can help you?" I asked. "Well this is risky, I'll find some other way. Just please don't talk about it." She said. We walked out

and then all of a sudden BANG!!! 



                                                                          Aves P.O.V

       Everything went black I heard Niall beating up whoever shot me. I could only hear and breathe I couldn't see move or any of that stuff. I passed out. I woke up by the sound of crying. "Niall shut up I'm trying to rest here!" I noticed I was in a hospital. "Ave you're alive!" He exclaimed and hugged me like he is hugging a giant burrito. "Stop you're  squeezing me," I said and he set me down. also noticed this was a raven hospital. "You're free to go," said the doctor. "Yay!" We both said. "But watch out police might be guarding this hospital. You better go out the back," said the doctor. We both walked out the back door and to my surprise there were no police. "Niall, where is Harry,Liam,Zayn,and Louis? I thought you were on a tour," I said. "Yeah I was but our next stop was here, and I'm sure the boys would love to meet you," Niall said. "Ok make sure you don't tell them," I said, "Yeah I won't," he said. "Good and I better get going and so do you," I said. "Yeah they're probably worried sick about me." Niall said. "Yeah and I bet Adam is worried too. So bye," I said "Bye," Niall said back. So we left.




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