In another lifetime (Harry Styles fanfic)

"Sometimes things happen for a reason, she's happier now Harry" They explained to him, but the only thing he could do was cry and ask "Why me?".


1. The Beginning... every great couple has one.

It was a long day for Kai, she had been awake since 3 am and was getting tired of working at the local cake shop in the town of Northwich, England. She was just another girl with blonde hair and green eyes, along with many others in that small town of hers.          *********             Kai's P. O. V I was stacking flour in the back room when I heard a bell ring signaling I had a customer. I made my way to the counter and stared at the towering figure that was admiring the cakes scattered around. The figure was an older boy probably a year or so older than me. The boy turned around, he had black hair and blue eyes, I always liked that combination on guys. The boy cleared his throat and thought for a second then spoke,    "Hi, my name is Weston, my girlfriend's  birthday is in two days and I would like to get her a cake" I grabbed a pencil and notepad and replied,    "Do you have any ideas?" Weston pulled a note out of his jeans and read it over.    "Yes, I would like to have the cake about a foot high and covered in polka dots and sparkles" Weston exclaimed and handed me  a layout of what the cake should look like. I glanced over the diagram and handed Weston the notepad.   "Write your phone number and what time the cake needs to be complete and I will make it" I responded. Weston quickly wrote and handed the notepad to me , he strolled to the door and left. I looked at the clock and it read 5 pm, I had an hour left and then I will be off for the day. I took out the ingredients for Weston's cake and whipped up the batter and placed the unbaked cake in the oven. I  sat down on the stool at the counter and stared down the clock wishing it would somehow move faster. The oven alarm set off and I took out the cake and ran it to the freezer. The clock struck 6 pm and I locked up the shop and left.  *****     "What's the address?" I asked while jotting down what I heard through the phone, "and what time should I deliver the cake?" I questioned, "okay I'll be there in 15 minutes" I stated and hung up the phone. *****     I arrived at the club were Weston's girlfriend's party was being held. I showed the security guard my license and he opened the door. I searched around for a while looking for Weston and then found him.    "Oh hey Kai" he exclaimed hugging me after setting the cake down on a table.      "Hey, I've got to get going" I added wiggling out of Weston's arms.    "Well at least let me introduce you to my cousin, Harry" he continued dragging me through the dance floor until we reached the bar. I stood before a green eyed curly haired boy, I must say he was attractive.    "Well hello there" He grinned cheekily letting a dimple appear on his right cheek.    "I'm Harry" he greeted me with a hand shake.    "Nice to meet you Harry, I'm Kai" I replied back with a  smile.    "Well Kai, would you like to dance?" Harry said casually.    "I actually have to get going" I stated, obviously lying.    "One dance won't hurt" he said while pulling me onto the dance floor. We danced for a while and then I made up and excuse about how I left the oven on at my bakery. Unfortunately, he took this as an advantage and insisted to drive me there. I had told him that I couldn't leave my car at the venue and that it would probably be towed but he didn't care in the slightest.    *** When we arrived at the bakery, I obviously had to stall him outside and run in to turn on the oven, but little did I know that the klutz I am, actually left the oven on in the first place with the cupcakes that were supposed to be for my niece's birthday that was next day. I unlocked the door and entered the smokey shop. I raced to the oven and pressed the end button.    "Shit!" I muttered to myself multiple times as I retrieved the burnt cupcakes from the oven.     "Oh my god, I'm never going to be able to make a new batch in time!" I yelled aggravated.   "Well, you know" Harry started to explain. "I could help you" he finished.      "No, it's alright go ahead, I'll just explain what happened"  I sadly replied.    "No, it's my fault for keeping you at the party" He said.    "Well, if you really want to, you can get pass me the flour on the green counter over there" I said while gathering a new pan for the cupcakes.    "Oh you mean this?" Harry said cheekily while carrying the bag and placing it next to me.    "Why did you say that so creepy?" I said with a nervous giggle.    "Oh maybe because.. THIS!" Harry yelled while dipping his hands in the four and rubbing it all over my face.      "Oh your gonna get it!" I screamed back repeating the same action but smearing it on his face. We did this for a while, and somehow we ended up kissing and falling asleep from what I can remember.   *** I woke up to the alarm preset on my phone, I glanced around the room and noticed a tight grip on my waist and looked around myself, Harry was cuddling me with his nose scrunched up and petite snores escaping through his mouth, it was quite adorable and I didn't want to wake him so I quickly set off the alarm and cuddled back up to a deep sleeping Harry.    *** It's been a couple days since meeting Harry and yet we have been hanging out ever since, although we never got to talking about the whole kissing incident.    "Hey bud" I waved at Harry when he entered the bakery with some bags in his hands.    "I brought some lunch" He smiled and mentioned. Harry sat the bags on the counter and I walked around to the door and put the closed sign up so that we could eat.              









Hello guys! My name is Ava, thought I'd introduce myself. Anyway this is my first story on here, comments, suggestions and favorites would be very appreciated! I love you- Ava :)

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