Love triangle?.... Niall horan fanfic

Hey my name is Tahlia....this is a niall horan fanfic....niall is in love with Tahlia or is he in love with Demi? What happens?


2. Bumping into some one

Tahlia's POV, I just spilt my food all over this really cute guy oh no I just so embarrassed myself "good on you tahlia why am I so stupid" I said under my breath, "no you aren't your seem intelligent and beautiful" the guy said "oh thanks haha" i said bushing.
Niall's POV, u asked what this beautiful girl's name was, "Tahlia" she said in the most beautifulest voice I have ever heard..."well my name is Niall, Niall horan" I said so we sat down together ad started to eat our Nando's and we got to know each other... I gave her my number and we are meeting each other at Starbucks tomorrow I can't wait to see her beautiful face again
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