State Of Grace

SEQUEL TO FOREVER ALMOST NEVER LASTS. Read that before this or you might get confused.

Liam's heart is shattered because Christy lost her memory. Liam can't even bear to look her in the eyes without crying. That means it's up to the rest to help Christy. Bits and pieces come together and flashbacks occur in Christy's mind. She starts to think she's crazy and Matt popping up doesn't exactly help. Matt is still searching for a way to tell Christy who did this to her but she refuses to listen. Said person tries to come back into Christy's life. While all of this is going on Christy just wants to find her State Of Grace.


8. Chapter 8

"Nick?" I screamed. "Shut up Christy, you always were loud weren't you?" He laughed and i took my arm back. "What do you want Nick?" I asked annoyed. "how are you ya know since our little crash?" I gasped. "You?" I asked furious. Matt popped up behind Nick "Iv'e been trying to tell you! You need to run Chris hes dangerous go find Paul." Matt ordered I nodded. "Well Nick it was fun and all but I need to go." I said and ran Nick tripped me and i fell on my back. "Son of a biscuit." I said my back hurt so bad and my ankle was aching. "I'm sorry did i dismiss you?" Nick asked towering over me like a monster. "No." I said quietly. "I'm gonna give you a little tip Chris, Cause i like you your pretty. Listen to me and I wont hurt you and your little friends." I bit my lip. "HELP! HELP PLEASE HELP AHHHH-" Nick covered my mouth with his big hand. "Shut up!" Nick roared. He kicked me in the ribs and i whimpered. What did I do to deserve this? "CHRISTY!?" Liam yelled. he was close really close. "Don't say anything i'll be watching." Nick said and ran off into the darkness of the night right after a swift kick to the head. I was becoming in and out of consciousness. This can not be good for my other injury. I saw everyone around me crying and screaming and Eleanor was on the phone with someone screaming and crying. I felt someone gently pick my head up and set it down on their lap. Harry squeezed my hand tightly. "Christy! Christy can you hear me?" He asked frantically. "Christy if you can understand me blink twice." I blinked twice. "Christy you have stay with us do not close your eyes please Christy." He begged and i tried my hardest but I couldn't do it. I slipped into the darkness and had a feeling that i wouldn't be coming back out of this one alive. 

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