State Of Grace

SEQUEL TO FOREVER ALMOST NEVER LASTS. Read that before this or you might get confused.

Liam's heart is shattered because Christy lost her memory. Liam can't even bear to look her in the eyes without crying. That means it's up to the rest to help Christy. Bits and pieces come together and flashbacks occur in Christy's mind. She starts to think she's crazy and Matt popping up doesn't exactly help. Matt is still searching for a way to tell Christy who did this to her but she refuses to listen. Said person tries to come back into Christy's life. While all of this is going on Christy just wants to find her State Of Grace.


6. Chapter 6

"Wake up love birds." Someone cooed. I sat up and saw Liam's arms wrapped around me still sleeping and everyone watching us. "Creeps." I snickered. "Can't help that you two are adorable." Louis said. "Liam?" I asked and he just rolled away. "LIAM." I yelled jumping on the bed causing him to bounce up and down. "Christy." He complained and hit me with a pillow. "Rude." Me and Niall said at the same time. Niall. NIALL! I totally forgot about my feelings for Niall. "There's breakfast downstairs." Zayn told me. "See ya!" I raced down the stairs to the kitchen.


 I spun in my chair waiting for the slow pokes. "Hey speed racer." Louis said kissing the top of my head. I love that guy. In a brotherly way don't get your knickers in a twist. "Louuuu make me a plate?" I pouted. "Louuu make me one too?" Asked El. He smiled and kissed our cheeks. "Fine." "Yay!" I said and sat with El. "So you and Liam or you and Niall." She asked loudly. I kicked her under the table. "Shut up!" She giggled "C'mon who do you like more?" I sighed, "When I was with Liam I forgot about Niall completely." "WITH!? like with with or just with!?" El said eyes practically out of her head. "Just with, nothing happened." I reassured her. "So Liam then?" She asked not dropping the subject like I really hoped she would. "Yes Liam." I whispered as Louis came back. "Thanks babe." El said. "Thanks bestie." Have I not mentioned how close me and Louis got? And Zayn too. he's like my brother. "So what are we doing today?" Harry asked. "I don't know." I said eating my food.

We started bouncing off ideas when we heard a scream. "AHHHHHHHHH!" It was a girly scream so it had to be El. We all raced to the bathroom where El was. "El you okay?" I asked through the door. She opened the door and pulled me inside. "are you okay?" I asked her worried. She pointed to the corner of the bathroom where there was a huge back dot. not a dot it was a spider. It had to be as big as my hand. "Kill it kill it!" She cried as she ran out the door. Louis ran after her and the boys came in. Harry picked up a box of tissues and threw it at the spider. I gasped and screamed "STOP!" they all looked at me. "Your going to hurt it!" I said and kneeled next to it. "That's the point." Zayn said. I put my hand down and the spider crawled on it. "There just big old meanies. scared of a spider. Trying to hurt you talk about rude." I said in a baby voice to the spider. "Just kill that thing already!" El cried. "He has a name you know! it's mike." I said and took the spider into the kitchen. "Where are you going with that?" Louis asked. Liam just smiled at me the whole time he knows me, I like spiders. "These people aren't very good hosts are they?" I asked Mike. "Yeah I know they are." I said pretending he said something. "Haha! Right?" I walked outside to a tree. "See ye later Mike." I said and put him down on a branch. "Scared of a little spider El?" I teased. "You are afraid of nothing." El said putting her hands up. "not true." Liam said. "Shut up Liam." I said hitting his shoulder, "She hates frogs." They all laughed "Their slimy, disease ridden little nasty things. I saw a bunch of frogs eat one dead giant frog. I almost threw up. I hate them!" I said shaking just thinking of them.

"Lets go to a fair!" Niall said after we all got in the house. "Okay cmon lets go get ready Christy." El said dragging me upstairs.



A/N: That was a semi true story there was a giant ass spider in my bathroom once but I didn't let it go I trapped it in a box with no holes that I taped shut. I forgot spiders had to breath but I mean cmon it was 2 in the morning and spiders have no noses I wasn't thinking straight. Long story short my mom LET IT GOOO. after all that she just let it GO! what the heck!? and I do hate frogs and saw that whole cannibalism frog thing unfold. anywaysssss COMMENT. LIKE. FAVORITE.

love you all ~Tatiana xxx

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