State Of Grace

SEQUEL TO FOREVER ALMOST NEVER LASTS. Read that before this or you might get confused.

Liam's heart is shattered because Christy lost her memory. Liam can't even bear to look her in the eyes without crying. That means it's up to the rest to help Christy. Bits and pieces come together and flashbacks occur in Christy's mind. She starts to think she's crazy and Matt popping up doesn't exactly help. Matt is still searching for a way to tell Christy who did this to her but she refuses to listen. Said person tries to come back into Christy's life. While all of this is going on Christy just wants to find her State Of Grace.


4. Chapter 4

After dinner I was walking to my room when I felt as if someone was watching me, I turned around and saw him. Matt. I turned back around quickly and kept walking. "Hey sis where ya going?" He asked hurt. "Your not real." I told him and walked faster. "Well that hurt." Matt said appearing right in front of me. "Just leave me alone Matt." I told him. "But Christy I need to tell you something!" I interrupted him "No Matt I don't want to hear it your just going to get me in trouble some how. Please just leave me alone!" I cried and locked myself in my room. I sat on my bed and watched my bed room door. After about 3 minutes I reached for my hidden journal and opened it up but flipped more to the middle trying to find stuff I couldn't remember. I stopped at an interesting looking part,

"Hey, I'm in a facility now. Yep you read right a facility, I'm here because I tried to kill myself. I just didn't want to be alive when my brother was dead because of me. The workers here are weird they try to be nice but I know it's all an act I made one friend here. I can't really go into detail right now because it's lights out in a couple minutes but just so you know I don't think I would try to kill myself again. So I guess that's good news. I 've been trapped in these white walls for about 3 months it feels like longer. I haven't seen or heard from the boys so I assume they forgot about me. It's probably best If they just forget about me. Music is my only escape from here and they limit that. So basically my freedom is limited. I have to go now I'll explain more later. Love Always, Christina."

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