State Of Grace

SEQUEL TO FOREVER ALMOST NEVER LASTS. Read that before this or you might get confused.

Liam's heart is shattered because Christy lost her memory. Liam can't even bear to look her in the eyes without crying. That means it's up to the rest to help Christy. Bits and pieces come together and flashbacks occur in Christy's mind. She starts to think she's crazy and Matt popping up doesn't exactly help. Matt is still searching for a way to tell Christy who did this to her but she refuses to listen. Said person tries to come back into Christy's life. While all of this is going on Christy just wants to find her State Of Grace.


2. Chapter 2

When I woke I was in a house laying on a couch. I sat up and saw everyone looking at me intently I jumped out of fright and landed on the floor. "Jesus Christ just stare at a person while they sleep why don't you?" I said as Eleanor helped me up. "Here take this." Louis said handing me a pill. It was the same one I took at the hospital earlier. I groaned "Twice a day." I mocked and took the pill. I looked around the living room hoping something would jog my memory. Nope. "Niall wanted to put you in your room but we weren't sure if you were ready yet." Harry told me and I nodded understandingly. "Hey Louis will you give me a tour?" I asked sweetly. "Sure let's go!" He took my hand and lead me out of the room quickly. "This is the kitchen!" He told me gesturing to a spacious room containing everything a fancy kitchen could possibly need like a breakfast bar ( ;) haha Oh Dan!). I put my hand on the cold tile of the breakfast bar and thought for a minute. I looked back into Louis' hopeful eyes and told him "I remember sitting here and talking with you about a date with Eleanor," Louis jumped up and down "But that's about it." I said. LIE! I also have a faint memory of talking to Matt in here but that makes no sense because Matt wouldn't be here. "Well that's start. "He lead me out of the doorway. "This is the game room." He cheered as we stepped inside.  "Cool." I said looking around at all the cool games and the bright red walls. "This is my room!" Louis informed me after we walked up the stairs. My sneakers made the floor squeak as my pressure was put o the hard wood floor. "How cozy." I told him. "By cozy do you mean messy?" I laughed "Pretty much." We walked into the next room which happened to be Harry's room. The rest of the boys rooms had no memories attached but that changed when we arrived at Liam's room. "It looks really familiar." I said out loud to myself. I was getting frustrated I closed my eyes and thought hard "Don't hurt yourself it's your first night back your not going to remember everything." Louis said rubbing my back. "I really want to remember though!" I told Louis. "Maybe your room will help?" I nodded and sighed. I hate this! I want to remember my friends and all the good times I had! Before Louis could go into my room I put my small hand on his chest "This is something I want to do alone." I said not looking him in the eyes. "Okay we'll be downstairs." I nodded and he left. I took a deep breath and turned the handle. The door slowly opened and I peaked in and then took a big step forward shutting the door behind me. I studied the rug then found the courage to look up. My room was awesome and huge! I sat on the bed then saw something sticking out of some papers on my desk. I got up and walked over. It was a journal. My journal. I opened to the first page and started to read the first line.

"Dear Friend,

Hi My names Christy. My life isn't all it's cracked up to be. I've done something's in my past im no longer proud of and even deeper in my past my family has molded me to be the wreck I am today............."



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