State Of Grace

SEQUEL TO FOREVER ALMOST NEVER LASTS. Read that before this or you might get confused.

Liam's heart is shattered because Christy lost her memory. Liam can't even bear to look her in the eyes without crying. That means it's up to the rest to help Christy. Bits and pieces come together and flashbacks occur in Christy's mind. She starts to think she's crazy and Matt popping up doesn't exactly help. Matt is still searching for a way to tell Christy who did this to her but she refuses to listen. Said person tries to come back into Christy's life. While all of this is going on Christy just wants to find her State Of Grace.


1. Chapter 1

I was still trying to process all the information I just received. Why don't we have a little recap? Okay so apparently I have hung out with the boys before and went crazy for a reason they wont tell me. I was in a facility for around 3 months and supposedly need a guardian to watch over me so things won't "go bad" again. My doctor talked to me and I totally blocked him out he was talking about nonsense but then I felt bad and tuned back in. "So just take these twice a day and call me if you need anything." He finished and I nodded and played with my fingers. "I think we should keep you over night so you can calm down and process everything." He said looking concerned. "I'll be fine maybe if I see what I used to do on a normal basis some thing will click?" I asked unsure. "Sure I'll tell your friends." He closed the door behind him and I listened to his steady rhythmically in sync footsteps till I couldn't hear them anymore. I felt my eyes wander around the sterile room not much really to it. I heard a faint creak towards the door so naturally I turned to look at who was there. It was Niall. "Hey there how ya feeling?" He asked and carefully stepped into the room as if the floors were little butterflies. "Better. Did you guys find Liam?" I asked peering into his eyes. "Not yet. But we will." He reassured me. I nodded "I just don't understand why he would leave?" I sat there listening to him rant I felt like he needed someone to listen not comment on everything. "I mean yeah it's tragic for us all but that doesn't mean he has to run out of the hospital leaving" I nodded understandingly "I just.. He should be here! Trying to help." Niall started yelling. I shrunk back into my bed remembering my parents yelling at each other like this. At ME like this I don't like this. Memories started to fog my brain. "Stop don't do it. Don't start to get bad again. You need to remember what happened before and help yourself. Don't make a fool of yourself. Don't go bad!" I told myself in my head. I shook my head tears pricking my eyes as I tried to shake the terrible flashbacks out of my mind. The door opened again faster than last time. "Christy are you okay? Niall what did you do?" Louis asked pushing Niall's shoulder. I looked at them confused that was till I heard my heart monitor beeping at an extremely fast pace and my deep breathing. "Christy calm down take deep breaths." Zayn ordered. I took deep breaths and willed my heart to go back to normal. After a couple minutes I calmed down and the doctor came back with my release papers. I signed quickly and they dethatched all the wires and tubes stuck to me and I prayed they would work faster. "Thank you." I thanked everyone once I was changed and ready to go. I ran out of the room after that, Yeah I know that was stupid but my mind is going to dark places and I just need to get out of there. I ran and snuck my way past people quickly giving the occasional "Sorry." and "Excuse me." when needed. When I ran out of the front doors the cold air hit my face and I took deep breaths of the fresh air. I pushed my hair back off my sticky forehead and immediately regretted it. "That hurt." I muttered to myself when suddenly someone picked me up and spun me around and hugged me, It was Harry. He engulfed me in his warm embrace. "What the hell Christy?" He whispered in my ear. "I'm sorry." I started to cry. "Shh don't cry it's okay." He soothed me. "Don't cry." I reminded myself harshly in my head. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dark figure standing there. I let go of Harry and looked at the person. They looked oddly familiar all though this person was hidden in the shadows. "Do you see that person?" I asked curious trying to see the persons face. "Where?" Eleanor asked me. "Right there. You don't see him?" I asked. They looked at me worried "No?" They all said. I looked back over for a second and the person put their finger up to their lips and disappeared. "It was just my imagination I guess or those strong pain killers." I made up excuses so they wouldn't think I was bad again. "Let's get you home." Niall whispered and lead me to the van. "I know everything." I heard a deep voice whisper in my ear. I tensed up and turned around. No one. Am I bad again? I really don't want to be. "Some one call Liam." Louis whispered trying to make sure I didn't hear. "We all ready tried countless times." Eleanor whispered back. "Well then text him saying you-know-who is acting suspicious. Do you think its happening again? She's going through survivors guilt all over again?" Louis whispered back. No one mentioned Matt so I was wondering why they were talking about him. Sure I still think I should be the one dead but that has nothing to do with anything does it? I let tiredness wash over my body and drift me off into a dream.



A/N: Hurray chapter one! How did you guy's like it? It's kind of inspired by The Perks Of Being A Wallflower since I am now obsessed with that book. It's amazing I would totally recommend it but there are some mature parts so read at your own pace. Anyways do you like what i'm doing with Christy her unknown past coming back? She seems to have a pretty messed up past. Anyways COMMENT LIKE and FAVORITE please! Tell your friends too! Love you all! ~Tatiana xxx

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