This is my story

This is my story of how I met a curly haired boy at the bakery...... This is my story.

P.s this is my first fanfic so plzzzzz no hate


2. First time crush

Soz I haven't uptated in a while soz

Alright so my dads has been reall y nice and haven't hurt me in a while ever since my mum was admitted to the mental ward in the hostpital my life has kind of been better . " ALAHNA" I'm going to your mother do you want anything while I'm out" " um no thanks I have to get ready for school" my dad walked out and aflame d the door shut. Alright I'm not actually going to school I'm going to a party

----at party-----
I walked up to the door with Shannon and all we could hear was loud music it was only ten in the morning but wat ever
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