This is my story

This is my story of how I met a curly haired boy at the bakery...... This is my story.

P.s this is my first fanfic so plzzzzz no hate


1. To begin with

Alanahs pov

" alanah get ass up or your gonna get it after school " my dads yells to me. Hi I haven't introduced my self my name is alanah I am 18. I have a little brother named Kyle. Kyle died in a car accident when he was 7 ever since then my mums done drugs and my dad takes all his anger out on me. He beats me until I can't walk. Once he even put me in the hospital and I was in a coma for 2 months no one cared excepted for my BFF Shannon ( actual BFF ). Iv always been the loner in school and and if it wasn't for Shannon then I would be mad.

Sorry for the short chapter I'm kind of new at this but I will put the next chapter up 2morrow mwah.
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