I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


11. StarBucks!!!

Julia's Pov: Everything went fine! Me and Josh Became more into each other and I think I like him....maybe more than that. Yeah I have a crush on Josh , but the only thing that I don't know is that is he single? Fuck it! Josh finally came back with two green tea drinks. " Thanks Joshy!" I say cheeky to him. " Your welcome boo." He said to me while handing me my drink. " So how is life Josh?" " Well my mom got a new job at a store so yeah nothing big." I really wanted to ask if he's single but then he'll think im trying to flirt with him and its going to be awkward! " Oh well how about-" I've been cut off by my phone. shit. " Sorry Josh." I say looking at my phone. " No its okay." Its Niall. I'm going to fucking kill him! I called him back to see what he wanted. " Hello Julia where the hell did you go we were looking all over for you!!!??" " Well when you guys left me I met my best friend Josh and we went to Starbucks!" " Wait Josh?" " Yeah Josh Flax." " Come here now!" " No!" " Find."" Why are you mad!!!?" " Because Julia I loved you first and I don't want your heart broken and torn and beside i'm your fucking boyfriend!" I've had it with him. I hung up the phone and put it away. " Wow Julia your already mad whats wrong?" he said with his pale lips. " Its just Niall he's been saying that he's my boyfriend but its not true!"

     Suddenly his phone rings. shit not again! " Oh sorry its my girlfriend I have to go and oh heres my phone number text me. Bye Boo!" he said getting up and handing me his phone number. " Oh well bye Josh." He left. He had a girlfriend. My heart just got ripped from him. My life is a big mess.

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