I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


5. Sneek Peek of chapter 6 because im using chapter 5 lol but its still chapter 5 k

Okay guise just wanted to say im going to add more people in the story because feel really bad that pick you beautiful amazing  people so here are the wittle carrots Liam's Gf: Emily42585 (name)   Louis's cousin:Agoogs (name)      Niall's sister: 1DLover1226 (name)      Zayn's Gf: LuLu rose- Olivia Rose    Liam's sister Ariza k. Amanda- (I think your name is Amanda correct?)    okay so I added in more people in the story so open Harry's gf   Louis's ex    Julia's lost sister Julia's best friend (before you guys like just yell at me that I said that she didn't have friends she made a new friend from a party k k)  Niall's bff and last but not least Louis's bff. Okay guys again im going to give a sneek peek for chapter 5 and oh put your name also I forgot to say that lol im weird yolo okay guys youready one.....two.....three!!!               Niall's Pov: I hear screaming it sounded like Julia. I look for her everywhere I just couldn't find her. This is Louis's fault he's the one who has to make Julia suffer from this pain I would treat her like a princess everyday why would he even take Julia to this party."HELP LOUIS, ZAYN,HARRY,LIAM, NIA-....." *BOOM*  " Julia i'm coming don't worry!!!" I kept running from all thoughts and pass Julia's is the one......the only one that I love . I came to a dead end , but then I see Julia , But covered in blood.                     WOW!!!! You guys really like my story sorry if you wanted more than that but yeah that's all I got lol im am so weird chapter 6 will come up since im using chapter 5 but whatever so bye lol mwuah!!

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