I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


4. Louis?

Julia's POV: It was still raining and I was soaking wet! But then I see a car it look familiar. It was Louis! He stopped right in front of me and looked at me. "What are you doing here!" I yelled "To pick you up." Louis says calmly. "No i'm staying right here!" I say feeling like a queen. Louis gets out of his car and come towards me up bridal style and put me into his car. I pout looking at Louis. " So where do you live?" Louis say looking straight into my eyes. " Down in Mulberry street!" I say rolling my eyes. " Don't get sassy with me!" I giggle a little. 20 minutes later I was at my house. I open the door and looked at Louis " You wanna come in?" I say. " Ummmm sure!" Louis says looking like a adorable little kid. Wow Louis has been nice to me! While I was making tea for him and me he started to look around the house curious. " Lou what are you doing?" I giggle. " Oh looking at these medals. Were you a cheer leader?" He asked. " Oh well I was a flyer for the All Stars Storm team until they c-cut m-me off." I started to cry. " Aww my wittle carrot!" Louis say to me while coming toward me to give me a bear hug. " Lou why are you , so nice to me?" " Well the boys and I were becoming really coming towards you like a best friend way , but for me....maybe as a girl friend way." Louis say looking down at the floor. I didn't say anything for a moments until Louis said " I l-love y-you."  It was quiet until I feel something inside of me was it that im in love with Louis? Louis finally said " I'm really sorry I cam here and just you know told you that. I under stand that you don't like me so bye" Louis was about to leave until I pulled his hand and turned him around and kiss his soft pink lips. " Louis i'm in love with you too and yes I will go out with you" I finally say , but really shock i'm in love with Louis my  I cant say anything whatever it's that im in love with Louis Tomlinson The boy I hated in my school for years who cares the only thing I care about is that I love him and that he loves me. something just ringed in my head it was the doorbell. We quickly snapped out of our minds and I went to the door it was Niall. Oh no! Niall is the second boy that I like what is wrong with me!!! " Hey Nialler what you doing here?" I say trying to act normal. " Umm well I just wanna ask you-" Niall was cut off by Louis. " Hey mate what are ya doin here?" Louis ask Niall curious. " Oh just asking Julia something." Niall says surprise to see Louis here. " Oh well back off she's mine now." Louis says punching him playfully." Umm...oh..well I just wanna ask you Julia when are we going to work on our math homework?" Niall says looking sad like a puppy. " Oh well tomorrow okay bye." I feel really bad I can see sadness in Niall's eyes. Niall walked away looking down at the ground I feel really bad!!!!                                                                                       A/n: OHHHH!!! who will Julia pick and I need some people in the story just tell me your eye color your hair color and you have to tell me what you like about the story the one's that are open are Louis's ex, Harry's Gf, Liam's sister, Zayn's gf , Liam's gf , Louis's cousin , and Niall's sister. Thanks favorite and like this story mwauh love you guys!! 

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