I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


3. I Have Feelings For Niall!

Julia's POV: I can't feel my ears no! I can't turtor Niall! " Whoa that's how you sound like!?" Niall says like an idiot. " Yes Julia you are if you don't it won't look good on your collage degree now go before your late for class>" Mr.X says to me. Ugh! The day passed by quick , but as always the boys bully me between classes! After school Niall walked toward me and said " You ready to go shorty?" I nod and went in his car. When we got to his house we went in. WHOA! Niall's house is huge! " Julia you can sit on the couch." Niall says putting his book bag on the floor. I sat down getting everything ready. Niall sat right next to me with a glass of Yorkshire tea for me and him. " Here you go!" "Thanks." I said saying it under my breath. " Okay Niall what is this?" I say looking up into his eyes. His blue sexy eyes.....Julia snap out of it , but I just kept staring. " Ummm I don't know." Niall says awkwardly. Niall stared into my gray/blue eyes. My eyes met his..are lips almost touching... we quickly snapped out of it and had an akward slient for a minute. " Umm Julia." Niall says in his soft voice. "Yes Niall?" I say quietly to him. Niall looked down for a minute. " Ummm the boys and I wanted to say sorry for bulling you can you forgive us?" I was shocked. " Really Niall!" "What?" Niall says like he's innocent. " You say sorry to me when you fucking bullied me for 5 fucking years?!" Niall didn't say a word. " I hate you Niall Horan and the fucking other bitches!" I walked out liked a boss. It was raining , but I didn't care. I suddenly saw a bench I walk to sit on it to catch my breath. I hate my life!

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