I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


6. Help.....

Niall's POV: I hate Louis so much! I'm in love with Julia and I will always be in love with her. I don't even care about Louis or anyone just Julia. I love her hazel eyes and her dark brown hair its so perfect! Her funny, cheeky , and bubbly self , but she loves Louis. Maybe I can change her mind about Louis. I mean Louis's my mate , but he always get the girls and I feel left out this time i'm getting the girl not him!   Louis's Pov: I knew what Niall was going to ask her I knew everything! Julia's mine not his and besides she already picked me right? Or am I just begin mean? Maybe I am mean but Julia is perfect to me she's perfect just the way she is I mean maybe im just dreaming no what am I talking about I am really getting paranoid!                    Julia's Pov: So today the new girl is coming to school I think her name is Lexi. That's a pretty name I could imagine her now. Lexi was here I think that's her she's really pretty like way more pretty than Kelcie the cheerleader who cut me off the team. UGH ! I hate her! Lexi's  hair was color dirty blonde. Her hair is right about to her shoulders and her hair is naturally wavy. I need to see whats her eye color. Oh got it! Its blue! Like Niall's she would be good for Niall , but then again I like Niall. I should go say hi. I walked up to her and said " Hi i'm Julia you must be Lexi." " Oh yes I am so wheres the math class?" she said looking around trying to get use to this place." Oh well let me see your paper." I say looking at her eyes. Lexi handed me her paper. Yay! Me and her have classes together now we can know each other better! " Well Lexi me and you have the same classes together now we can get to know each other and oh by the way watch out for Kelcie she's really mean!" " Oh okay well should we get to class?" " Oh yeah lets go ." The day passed by like yesterday! Lexi and I are best friends now! We really got to know each other , but the weird thing is she's just like Louis's type or am I paranoid whats wrong with me Louis is my boyfriend. Today I found out that Zayn has a girlfriend her name is Olivia shes pretty also and I found out that Niall has a sister which was Jessica shes really pretty! Zayn, Olivia , Louis , Lexi , Niall , Jessica, and me were going to hang out at my place (liam and harry was at their girlfriends house need names!) We got really bored and decided to go to a club. We all got dressed perfectly to make our night special.    We got to the club and started to party. Of course Louis left me Niall was sitting talking to Lexi hopefully he'll ask her out. Jessica drinking a lot of pints. Zayn and Olivia were making out and dancing with each other awww they are so cute I wish Louis would treat me like that instead of leaving me all the time. I started to get a little tipsy But okay to not cheat on Louis. I suddenly saw Louis making out with a slut! I had it with him im going to break up with him. I bet Niall could treat me better than him!"Oww that fucking hurt!" I turned around and saw my ex Markus! " Hey Julia remember me?" he slurred " Let go of me!" I whine " Your not going anywhere slut your coming with me!" he grabbed me and took me away I try screaming but nothing work . Until I saw Harry and Liam they were at the club to I try screaming to them but the music is just too loud I tried again "HELP LOUIS, ZAYN,HARRY , LIAM, NIA-....." BOOM. Did he shoot me? My eyes are closed I think I cant see anything what happened? From that moment on I was passed out.   

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