I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


7. Forever?

Niall:BOOM! What happen to Julia first I saw her looking at Louis because he was making out with a stupid slut and a guy grabbed her and ran away I  knew Julia should of stayed with me! It's all Louis's fault! I finally made it to a dead end but then I saw a figure I stayed hidden from the man. " Julia your such a bitch and a slut this is what you get for breaking my heart goodbye bitch!" " Hey stop leave Julia alone!" I say holding a stick up at him. He soon ran away but said " I'll get you back Julia you too Horan!" He said while running away. I looked down to see a hurt broken Julia. She got stabbed 10 times in the stomach. She also got shot on the shoulder. "Julia?" I whine. I pick her up and run to my car. Blood was getting all over me and pouring out of Julia's weak body. I finally made it to the hostpital and nurse took her away while I was standing here broken. I texted the lads everything but the more I type and read over it the more I start to tear up. I'm going to beat Louis's ass when he gets here. Finally the boys were running down the hall I glare at Louis to let him know that its all his fault.I grabbed Louis's hand and took him to a empty room. " Louis its all your fucking fault your the one who has to leave her and kiss a fucking slut in front of her!" I yelled at him. He looked down for a minute I know he feels really guilty. " Louis!" " WHAT! Why do you even care for her you fucking bully her everyday so don't say that you love her now its your fault not mines your always in my way!" Louis says looking at me straight into my eyes " Lou I have been liking her for 7 fucking years!" I walked away from Louis and went straight to  a seat next to Liam.

Louis's Pov: I stand there in shock. Why would Niall do this to me sure he doesn't get the girls and I do of course but why does he have to make me the bad guy!? Yeah I kiss some girl in front of Julia , but I was drunk that time he acts like I did that on purpose but I know I didn't sure people will call me a player but who cares I love Julia and Julia will be mine forever!

Julia's Pov: What happen all I remember is- oh that never mind. I see a face. Niall?" You guys she's awake!" soon more faces surrounds me. I finally see everything clearly.I'm alive im alive! " Niall?!" I say to make sure im alive. " Julia yes your awake your not dead!" I finally give him a big bear hug and then I see Louis. " You guys can I speak to Louis for just a minute?" They all went slient but went out so it was just me and Louis " Babe im so sor-" " No lou I heard  enough I need a break from you im sorry to but I just need a break bye." I feel a tear in my eye. " So no forever?" Louis ask " No forever bye lou." He finally left but looks at me for one last time and left. I sob and just let it all out and then Niall was there hugging me and kissing me on the forehead." Its okay princess im here for you." " Why do you call me princess?" I ask him. " Because your my princess i'll treat you better." I kinda smile and kiss him on the cheek. " I love you princess." he whisper in my ear. " I love you too" I say to him

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