I Thought We Were More......

A girl named Julia is bullied at school by 5 annoying boys! Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn, and Liam. She always wanted to die, but one night everything will change! Read more to find out.


9. Coma?

  Julia's Pov: Why is everything black!? I'm scared what the fuck is going on!!!How long have I been out? What happen?! these questions runs through my mind. I finally fought the black and dark scary place and finally see light. I here beeping sounds and wires on me and also people that I don't know well I know some people but only two I cant put my finger on it.

  " Oh my god Julia your awake!!" the blonde one comes up to me. " What?who are you?" I say confuse." No JUlia you should know me! I'm Niall your boyfriend!!!" I shook my head. I have no idea who is this. Suddenly a doctor comes up to Niall and told him something." Julia's in coma."

Niall's Pov: " Julia's in coma." What the fuck why is Julia in coma!? " No is this a joke?!" I ask the doctor. " No sir it isn't." he says looking down at the ground. I just want to fall on the ground and die or something what is my problem?! The nurse goes up to Julia and ask her questions. " Hi Julia so im going to ask you question ready?" Julia nods and let her continue. " Okay how many people do you know?" the nurse ask hopefully knows me." Well I know Liam , Harry , Zayn, Olivia, Larissa , Lexi, Emily , and Jessica." she says smiling at the people she knows. My heart just shattered into a million pieces. She doesn't remember me or Louis why?

Louis's Pov: What! she doesn't remember me or Niall! But the real question is why?I wonder she's in coma I mean I understand that but why me and Niall not the others,I'm going to find out soon. Soon.

A\n: Hey people Like the fan fic? okay so the ones that aren't taken are Louis's ex , Louis's Bff , Julia's bff , Julia's Lost sister, and that's all the ones that are taken congrats to the people Liam's gf- Emily42585 , Louis's cousin- Agoogs (need name) , Niall's sister- 1DLover1226 Jessica , Zayn's Gf- LuLurose Olivia Rose , Harry's Gf- XLarissaX (I think your name is larissa idk) , Liam's sister- ArizaK. I think Amanda?, Niall's Bff- Niall'sFavGirl (need name) , and New girl in school Bff- LexiDonnaker Lexi

Yup so check out my new fan fic it's called Bad Girl check it out!!!

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