Make the Best Things Last

Bridget is a mormal 18 year old. She has a job and goes to college. One day at work a really handsom guy comes in and asked for help. She didnt realize she was talking to Louis Tomlinson. Will her world turn upside doen or be a normal life?


1. The Boy

Hi im Bridget! I am 18 and I work at Hollister. I have dark bron hair and I have Hazel eyes. I am 5'10.

I was at the cash register being bored until this very handsome guy walked in and asked for help. " Hi I was wondering if you could help me." the guy asked. "Sure. Are you looking for anything impaticualr?" i asked. " Not really. Just looking." the boy said. "Well ok. Im Bridget." i said extending my hand. "Hi im Louis Tomlinson." he said. Oh My GOD! I was talking to THE Louis Tomlinson! Did I forget to mention I am a Directioner? Well I am! "Oh my gosh! Hi!" Wow Bridget just Wow! "Sorry it just clicked that your in One Direction." i whispered. he laughed. "I take it your a fan?" he asked "Yup!" he just laughed. We spent about 30 minutes looking for someting. "This is perfect!" He yelled. I laughed. "Ok lets ring this up for you." i said walking back to the cash register. "Oh I was wondering if you would like to go out sometime?" Louis asked. "Sure." "Great! Tomorrow at 7?" he asked. I agreed and gace him my number. The rest of the day was boring. When I got home I saw I had a text from Louis.

Louis: Hey beautiful! :) I cant wait for tomorrow!

Me: Me niether :) Where are we going?

Louis: Somewhere fancy so wear a dress. :)

Me: Ok! :)

Louis: I got to go. I will see you tomorrow Love! :) Bye!

I didnt reply after that. I took a shower and got in my pjs. I checked the time 9:47. I should probably go to bed. Goodnight Life! See you in the morning!

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