Rebel has always been known as just that. a rebel. sure shes pretty dark and maybe has bad thoughts but shes never deserved being treated the way she has. people have been more than cruel to her. thats why when her dad gets a job oppertunity to move out of america and to the u.k. he accepts without looking back. what they didnt know was that her new school had a special program. one that lets the band one direction into her sad life.


2. great mood

Rebel's POV

i have to admit i was a bit nervous but who wouldnt be. i didnt care if i didnt make friends. i didnt care if i got bad grades. all i cared about was if anyone would go snooping around about my past.

     i barged right into my new classroom and looked at the teacher. she seemed shocked and flustered. "i-im sorry. bbut who are you?" she stuttered. "hi. im rebel stevens, and i do believe this is my first hour." i stated. "o-oh. yes of  course. your the new transfer student. go ahead and take a seat dear." she smiled at me.

     " oh but im afraid those glasses will not do." she said sadly nodding her head. i swiped them up my head to reveal my strange contacts and heard gasps. At least no one screamed satan spawn.

     i headed to the back and found it all open. i sat in  the middle of the empty graveyard. weird how there were excactly five more seats open.

     i took out my ipod aand turned on some greenday. hey just cause im goth doesnt mean i cant have good taste in music. i also took out my doodle book as i called it. all it was was a composition book that iv had for a year. it had all my deepest darkest thoughts in it. and i had a lot. it also held my bad drwings and stories whether poems or diary entries.

      i must of zoned out cause the nest thing i knew the seats around me suddenly had bodies in them and they were all looking at me expectantly. " when did you get there?" i asked pulling out my ear phones and clossing my doodle book. "um, about five minutes ago. was wondering when you were going to notice." said the one sitting on my right which happened to be a guy i met earlier.

     i stayed silent and started packing up my stuff. "hey where are you going? class just about started ten minutes ago." said the guy with a buzz cut. "so?" i asked. getting up. "excuse me but where do you think your going ms.stevens?" gasped the teacher as i bumbed into her on my way to the door. "im leaving wha does it look like?" i sneered. as i closed the door i started laughing. i was on a buzz this morning. i started singing my new fav song by demi lovato.

"you make me gloooowww!

but i cover up wont let it shoooooooww.

so im putting my defenses up!

cause i dot wanna fall in love"

i was skipping through the halls, ripping random posters off the walls. i took my heels off and relief shot through my aching foot. god i hate heels. i hate black too. i pulled my mouth to one side of my face and stared at the shoes.

    i pulled out purple spray paiint from my bag. i shook it violently. tearing off the cap i sprayed all the liguid onto my shoes giggling. after i finished i threw the can knowing it was going to be empty if i tryed any more.

   i danced outside loving the fresh air. singing at the top of my lungs i gidily ran through out the little park at the front of the school. i jumped through trees and cart wheeled into the ground. it was a great day to blow off school.

   i layed down on the grass right in the sunshine and closed my eyes. until a shadow blocked the warmth. shit. im caught.


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