Rebel has always been known as just that. a rebel. sure shes pretty dark and maybe has bad thoughts but shes never deserved being treated the way she has. people have been more than cruel to her. thats why when her dad gets a job oppertunity to move out of america and to the u.k. he accepts without looking back. what they didnt know was that her new school had a special program. one that lets the band one direction into her sad life.


1. black and white

Rebel's POV

Iv always seen things how they are. when i was younger i didnt believ in the easter bunny, tooth fairy, not even santa. as i got a little older even god seemed pointless. just something to keep you from missbehaving. everyone thinks theres going to be a heaven or hell. i know that after you die thats it, just endless nothing. i never liked things that werent real or pretended it was. like how my mother pretended to love me and my family. like how my dad pretended it was going to be okay ofter all my siblings and mom were gone forever. You can never pretend only accept whats happened.

    thats why i always see things how they are. black and white. nothing more nothing less. thats how this world works. thats why i live in the moment. not caring not thinking. thats why i dont make many friends.  i always tell them off or say what im really thinking and apparently thats not something people appreciate.

      thats why my dad wanted me to die my hair brown again. get rid of my black spiky hair. let my green eyes show for once instead of my bright pink contacks. and to get rid of all my eye let people see the real me for once. but i wasnt going to let that happen. i want to make an imprint on the world while im dtill here. even if its just in my class, its something.




i walked into my new school with my head held high taking a drag on my newly lit cigarette. my sunglasses hiding my pure pink eyes for now. i was wearing a short schoolgirl black leather skirt with pink suspenders falling to my knees and my button up white shirt showing off what iv got near the top. im not assamed. im proud.

         i got a lot of looks and whispers in the hallway on my way to the main office. oh how i enjoyed watching the people living their pointless lives. it was fun knowing that most of them tryed to stay so pure. it was pretty hysterical.

         by the time i reached the office i had flicked my cig on the ground crushing it with my dangerously high heels that went up to my knee. the door opened as i started to reach for it.

          the door swung open and five figures piled out bumping into me. "hey! who do you think you are you douches!?" i seethed. they had nearly knocked me down and managed to bump my bag to the floor spilling some of the contents. "im really sorry." they all mumbled as they started leaving again. "arent you gonna pick it up for me? you are the ones who caused it all to land on that filthy ground." i said with my american accent. they stopped and looked at me. i finally got to see what their cute little faces looked like. there was an a adorable blondie, a guy with a buzz cut who actually seemed a bit of a goody goody, a lean guy who seemed pretty old to be in high school but he seemed like he was the kind to talk back to teachers trying to be funny of something, and then there was a dude who looked more my speed in a varsity jacket and a hair quif with a bit ogf blond faded into the black. but the one who seemed to be the ringleaded or something was a guy with a riduculous amout of curly hair. im guessing that thing is like his trademark or something.

           "im really sorry miss but we are running a bit late." said the curly haired one with a fake smile. he obviously thought i would let him go. "ya i am too so stop fighting and pick up my shit now." i said without budging. "no." he said. " fine. ill get you back for it believe me." i hissed. then they ran off pretending to be in a hurry. what pussies.

     after picking up my stuff i went into the office and got my scheduel. i headed over to my first hour to make my first impression

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