Wouldn't, Couldn't, & Never Will

Maggie has blue eyes, long blonde hair, and is short. Her best friend Sierra, buys VIP One Direction tickets. But Maggie isn't even a fan of One Direction. When she goes, she meets a boy. Yes, one of THE boys. Louis William Tomlinson. What happens when it's love at first sight? Read on, to find out. ex oh ex oh


2. What Is This?



I couldn't help but watch her, in the car. Her undescribably beautiful eyes, those god damned sexually gorgeous eyes of hers, got the best of me. She sat on the opposite side of the limo as me. I couldn't help but feel an emotion of jealousy rush through my veins. Why? Because right when she got in, she only noticed Harry. Not me, Harry. I'm trying to convince myself that the reasoning is because she sat across from him. Otherwise, she would've noticed the other guys first, right? Right?!

She caught me watching her, once. I was only watching the way her lips moved when she spoke, which honestly wasn't that much. I was watching her eyes, seeing how she sees us and, by the looks of it, she clearly isn't a fan. I even have it proven. She basically told us straight out in the car that she doesn't like our band. Why is she here then?

Harry was already flirting with her. Man, I need a talk with him, later. I want to talk to her, but what about? Im clueless. What would I say? I don't want her getting hurt by Harry, with his one night stands and all.. I want to show her what a real guy is, me. But I lack self confidence, to be honest.


We arrived in our summer home and she chose the room in between me and Harry's. I'm just glad she's next to me. I decided to make my first move. I walked out of my room, and knocked on her door. She answered it with hesitation,

"Oh, it's you."

I walked in, "Nice to see you too?" and she closed the door behind us, locking it. I turned around, "Why lock it?"

She shrugged, "Problem?"

"Um, yeah actually." I said.

"Please, do share." she said.

"Okay," I started, "First of all, you're being very rude and cruel to me. We haven't even formally met, which is why I came over here. Secondly, you're locking the door like this is some kind of haunted house. Like you're trying to shut out the world. Lastly, why don't you like our band? What have we done to you?"

She laughed, "Me, rude? Coming from the guy basically drooling over me in the limo, like I'm some sort of meal. Also, why would you want to formally meet me? I'm nothing special. And I lock my doors all the time, I'm not good with socializing. I just don't find your band amuzing. I don't like your music or Harry."

I ignored all the answers except the last one, "Y-you don't like Harry?"

"Well I mean, he seems nice but, I know how he lives. If he's trying to seduce me, I can assure you it isn't going to work." She said, proudly.

"Good." I said obviously without thinking.

Her face went blank, "What? Good?"

"Uh, nevermind. I'm Louis, by the way." I said, trying to change the topic. I held out my hand, to introduce myself.

She took my hand and shook it, "I'm aware of that."

When she shook my hand, her bracelets fell down her wrist, revealing something I never thought I would see..

"Maggie? W-what is that?" I asked her, directing my eyes to her wrist.

She pulled her arm away and pushed her bracelet back, "It's nothing, really."

"If anything, you can probably get to know me the easiest, and trust me the most. At least, of all the rest of the boys." I said, grabbing her hand again and moving the bracelet, "Pease talk to me.."

She started crying, "I cut."

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