Wouldn't, Couldn't, & Never Will

Maggie has blue eyes, long blonde hair, and is short. Her best friend Sierra, buys VIP One Direction tickets. But Maggie isn't even a fan of One Direction. When she goes, she meets a boy. Yes, one of THE boys. Louis William Tomlinson. What happens when it's love at first sight? Read on, to find out. ex oh ex oh


3. Twist Of Events



He just discovered my deepest, most darkest secret. I couldn't help but cry, he was so assuring and comforting.. I really wanted to tell him, but I couldnt. I felt a sudden rush of anger and rage. But why? He's only trying to help.. Right?

I snatched my arm away, again, "Leave. You need to leave."

"But, Magg-.." He started saying.

I cut him off, "Now." I looked at the ground.

He left. I pushed him away. One of the only people that could help me, or would notice it. He's gone now, I hate him though. He has no right to come here the first day of us meeting, and expecting me to pour my whole life on him.




Wow. She hates me. I know it.

"Uh, Lou? You gotta second?" I heard at the door to my room. As soon as I looked up, the door was being closed, and locked.

"Maggie? What are you doing here?" I asked, curious.

She stuttered, "I'm sorry, I just dont usually get attention... Especially from a guy.." and I saw her blush.

"No, really, it's my fault-.." I started, but was cut off by her lips smashing onto mine. I didn't hesitate, except for how shocked I was. I thought she hated me? She started adding movement in the kiss, and I kissed back. I didn't want to leave her hanging.. After all, I do like her. LIKE LIKE her. She asked for enterance, and I let her in. Our tongues danced, and explored. She broke away from the kiss, and I groaned.

She chuckled in response to my groaning, "Eager, are we?" and blushed, "Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that this is why I pushed you away. My ex, he caused these scars.. I'd hate to get another broken heart."

"I couldn't hurt you, Mag. I wouldn't hurt you.. I can't see you that way." I replied, still in utter shock that she kissed me.

She grabbed my hand, "Sorry, if I startled you.." She inertwined our fingers, "I know we just met today, but I really like you. You're the first...."

"First what?" I asked, impatient.

She continued, "The first person who has cared enough to ask. The first to have guts about it.. and the first to want to talk and help me." She sighed.

"Well, I think you're beautiful.. And I really like you too." I said.

She pecked my lips once more, "Let's not tell the others, alright?" and got up, leaving the position on my bed. We sat, cross legged.

I grabbed her hand and pulled her in for another kiss. Once I broke away, I spoke, "Why?"

"Because.." She sighed, "I know Harry feels something for me, and I'd hate to see him hurt, you know? Me being the slut and all... Kissing a guy the first day I meet him."

"You're not a slut. Don't say that again..." I said.

"Or else what, mister?" she teased.

Fine. Two can play at that game. I smirked, "Or else you won't get the touch of these precious lips again."

She giggled, "You're cute. Now please, don't speak of this. Please?"

"Can't I at least tell Harry? I know he's the least one you want to know about this, but he's my best mate. I can't keep a secret from him." I said.

She sighed once more, "Fine, but later. And I want to be there when you do."

"Alrighty." I agreed. But hey, can't lose to her!

"And.." she smiled, "Thanks. For everything, and all."

"Of course, love." I smiled back.

She hugged me, "You're a great person. Honestly, we'll get on great."

I laughed and joked, "Yeah, get on my bed."

She pulled away, "Shutup, you're such a perv." and laughed.

"Yeah, I try." I spoke, "You're welcome."

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