Let Me Love You - a one direction love story

Katelynn and Emma had just moved to London and had ran into some people they werent expecting some good some bad but what will these people bring into their lives read to find out.....


3. Meeting The Boys

Katelyn`s POV:

Zayn brought down the other boys around 12 they all had beautiful british accent except one blonde boy who had a irish accent they all introduced them selves there was a curly haired boy who went by Harry and a blone one that went by Niall and two other boys by Louis and Liam at first i couldnt really tell them apartt but once hey started talking it wasnt hard to tell who was who Louis was soo funny and kinda sassy and Liam was sweet and sooo nice. The boys invited us for ice cream and we obviously went. we all got our cones and sat in a booth. the boys were so funny my cheeks hurt from smiling and laughing.around 2 we all went back to out flat we invited the boys in too. we talked about everything and anything we could think of. i noticed Emma STARING at Harry and i tried nudging her so she would stop staring but it didnt work so i ended up grabbbing her arm and pulling her into my room.

Harry`s POV:

i wonder what hey were talking about i saw Emma staring at me alot but didnt really mind. They walked back in and i noticed Emma was trying not to look at me but was struggling .

Emma`s POV:

Katelyn had told me not to stare to much but his curls and his pearsing green eyes were hard to NOT look at.

It was almost 6 before the boys left,Naill was complaning he was hungry and i was too so a soon as they left me and Katelyn started dinnner.

*1 week Later*

Louis` POV:

we had only known the girls for a week but it felt like forever me and the boys were going out and we all agreed we should invited them with us. Harry called down to Emma and Katelyn "`ello"  yes they had answered now we waited for an answer about coming to the club.

Katelyns POV:

"hello" i said answering the phone "`ello" said an excited Harry "oh Hi Harry" "hi me and the boys were wondering if you girls wanted to cmoe to a club with us tonight" "uhh sure ill ask Emma" i covered the phone and yelled at Emma "HEY EMMA WANNA GO TO THE CLUB WITH HARRY AND THE BOYS TONIGHT" i knew she couldnt say no to Harry thats why i meantioned him "CLEARLY WHY WOULDNT I!!" she said probably a little too loud i heard Harry laughing on the phone "ya were in" "ok she you at 7?" "sure bye" "bye" i could tell that he was smiling.I told Emma and we went to get ready


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