Let Me Love You - a one direction love story

Katelynn and Emma had just moved to London and had ran into some people they werent expecting some good some bad but what will these people bring into their lives read to find out.....


2. First Day In London

Katelyn`s POV:

I woke up on the couch almost forgeting where i was but quickly remembed when Emma greeting me with a sleepy but excited "Morning" "Morning Em whats for breakfast?' i asked "are you ever not hungry?' she asked with a bit of sarcasm in her voice "no, not really" we ate breakfast and headed into London to do some shopping mostly for food but i need some warmer clothes it was a little colder then i expected

Liam`s POV:

"Finally im soo excited to be going home for a break for bit" we had just finished our tour and were glad to have a break before recording for the next album. "Come on boys time to catch the plane" paul said practially yelling at us Me and the boys grabbed our bags and hopped onto the plane we hadnt announced that we were going to London hoping that the airport wasnt going to be fillied with fans but knowing Directioners they would most likey find us. It was nearly 1am when we got back to London so we all crashed at Zayn and Harrys flats.

Emma`s POV:

"were you up last night around 1am?" i asked Katelyn "No i thought you were" "maybe its the other people who live here they couldve just got back from their trip or something" i smiled adding "we should go meet them" "ya maybe later im kinda hungry" i laughed and left to go shower just as i got out there was a knock on the door i yelled at Kate to answer it.

Katelyn`s POV:

"got it" i opened the door revealing a tall boy with dark hair and brown eyes he looked kinda familiar but i couldnt place from where i was snapped out of my thought when he said hello "oh hi sorry" "hi our landlord told us that some new people had moved in so i came down to give you a proper welcoming to London considering the landlord isnt all that friendly" i smiled and added "ya i noticed that i thought he was just having a bad day or something"he smiled back his thick british accent was soo adorable and kinda attractive but i just shoke it off i had just met him.

Emma`s POV:

"whos at the door?!" I practially yelled at Katelyn but trailing off realising the guy at  the door "hi Im Emma" I said reaching out for a hand shake "hello im Zayn" his accent was thick. "i just came down to welcome you to London i should probably get back to the others" he said saying good bye andturning away "theres others?" i said with a little too much excitment "yeah ill bring them down later when there in a better state" he smiled and walked away.

Zayn`s POV:

oh my gosh i forgot to ask the other girls name i feel like such an ass now i turned around really quick to see the girl almost closing the door "im Katelyn by the way" she smiled i smiled back and waved good bye

Katelyn`s POV:

omg he was so beautiful and his accent was so amazing but i had only met him so i shoke it of plus i wasnt really ready for another relationship quite yet i just shoke it off putting my bowl from breakfast away and getting in the shower

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