My Poems

So I'm a huge fan of poetry, and I write it quite often. I just thought I'd share some of my poems with you all.
Feed back, comments, favorites, and likes are all appreciated. Thank you so much! I love you all!


2. Poem 2

It really makes me mad that people criticize

The way in which the would seems through my hazy eyes.

I've seen some get angry for opinions that I have,

An some think I am stupid 'cause things make me sad.

They question who I am; How I feel; How I live. 

They say that I am selfish when all I do is give.

I don't understand how they could feel this way

When I work so very hard to make a better day.

They say I think I'm better than everyone I see,

And that's really not the case.  Humble I try to be.

It really does upset me that people think these things.

I say it doesn't matter when honestly it stings.


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