My Poems

So I'm a huge fan of poetry, and I write it quite often. I just thought I'd share some of my poems with you all.
Feed back, comments, favorites, and likes are all appreciated. Thank you so much! I love you all!


1. Choices

I reach for the next step.  I miss, and then I fall.

I fall down to the bottom, and there's no one left to call.

I set here, and I think of the next thing I should do.

Life is a hard thing that we must make it through.

I pick myself back up.  I head back and start to climb.  

No ones life is easy, and we're running out of time.

People pass on by me as I'm standing on the side.  

I see the bad thing coming so I flee and try to hide.  

But this time there's no place; Nowhere for me to go.

This time I must stand and fight this dreaded foe.

I fight this thing quite often, and usually I win.

This dreaded thing is awful; This awful thing is sin.

I reach for the next step.  It drags me to the ground.  

I realize life is huge as I try to climb the mound.

The climb of life is hard.  You may stumble and not win.

The one way to win life is to stay away form sin.  

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