Taken. For as long as Casey McBride can remember that's all she wanted to be. Everybody she knows is taken, even her only friend/BFF Amalia Andersonn, is taken with Louis Tomlinson, one of the most popular guys in school. He is also best friends with Casey's all-time crush, Harry Styles. Lucky for her, one night Louis asks Amalia and Casey out to dinner with his friends, Harry, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. Will there be some romance between Harry and Casey that night? Read to find out!


2. An invitation

Casey's P.O.V~I woke up this morning by the sound of my phone ringing. I checked the caller ID. Ugh, amalia why do you have to call so early? "Why are you calling me in the middle of the night?" I moaned at her when I picked up the phone. "Case it's 8:00." I sighed."exactly." Now she sighed. "Whatever but ANYways guess what?" "What?" "Well Lou asked me and you out to dinner with a few of his friends guess who one of those friends are?" My mouth fell open. "Oh. My. God." She squealed. "HARRY STYLES!" Now we both squealed really loud. "OMG!" I said. "Shut up!" My sister Alyssa called from down the hall. "It's the middle of the night!" Apparently amalia heard that. "Wow you guys think alike." I shrugged. "Guess so. Well anyways what am i going to wear?" I asked. "I will come pick you up in an hour so we can go to the mall. Go get ready Hun!" " ok love ya!" "Bye!" Bye!" (A/N) Hey guys so sorry for the sucky short chapter:( luv ya all if you read this please tell people about it! LUV YA ALL SOOO MUCH I HOPE YOU LIKE THIS BOOK! >3333333
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