Vecra was a normal young girl until she made a wish on her 16 birthday that changed everything. Soon she is held hostage by a mysterious young human? and everything changes.


3. What did he want?

I was alone, going to get some food from the grocery store. When I came back it was getting late so I decided I would cut through the alley. I saw him in the shadows and got really scared. I started to run then his hand grabbed me. I knew the shape and feel of his hand because he had done this so many times in my dream. With his rough and dry hand over my mouth he led me to his car(well, I assume it was his car) and pushed me in. I started screaming until he put a gag on my mouth. He started to tie me up, then I finally started fighting, but by then I was already partly tied up and he was stronger with muscles like steel. He got in the front and started to drive. After what seemed like hours I felt my head nod and I fell asleep. Later on I woke up to the sound of a car door slamming. I tried to push myself up and away from him but he was already there pulling me out of the car and pushing me into a... I don't know what to call. I guess I could call it an apartment but it was in the middle of nowhere and it was alone. In a room he pushes me into a single bed tied my feet to the two mahogany bed posts on the end of the bed. Then he did something I have never seen before in kidnapping movies, he tied my hair to the bed posts and then he tied my hands to the bed legs. He left after contemplating me for a second with that cold hard gaze. His red eyes were so piercing and dark almost like blood, that they were almost mesmerizing. I was scared and struggled but after a whole I realized it was pointless. First, the binds were too tight. Second, he would catch up to me in a second, and third, no one would hear me for I was who knows where and plus my mouth was still gagged. When I realized that I felt crazy like I had to get out of here. Two question kept running through my mind : What would he do to me? What did he want?
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