Vecra was a normal young girl until she made a wish on her 16 birthday that changed everything. Soon she is held hostage by a mysterious young human? and everything changes.


4. Roommate

He came into the room still wearing the same thing after a whole night. I had spent the night trying to get comfy. It didn't work very well. Finally I had fallen asleep with my head to the side of my right arm, bent at a very uncomfortable angle. I had barely had any sleep so I was wary because I was tired and not very strong right now. He came in, looked at me and at that moment I realized I haven't ever heard him speak. Then he said... Nothing, he said nothing. He cocked his head to the side and then left. Soon i heard a thump followed by a soft whimper. I heard footsteps coming back to my room and the door opens. My eyes widened as I take in the sight of who came in. It was my kidnapper and a boy about my age. He had dirty blonde hair and blue eyes that mirrored my own emotions. My eyes took in his clothes, they were tattered and dirty. His feet were bare and filthy. I finally came to a realization. I was in trouble, deep trouble and I needed to find a way to escape, soon. My captor cleared his throat and a deep, throaty voice (more like a growl) came out. "You guys will be roommates. You will get 3 meals a day with snacks in between. You will not complain or struggle. Get some rest. You will need it for the next few months. You will find out soon what will happen to you and why." After that he came close to me and leaned in close to my face. I tried to sink farther into the bed away from him but that was impossible seeing the mattress was super thin. Abruptly he walked out. We were left alone when we heard the door lock. The boy wasn't tied up so I was a bit scared but my instincts told me he wouldn't do anything. So, we just stared.

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