Vecra was a normal young girl until she made a wish on her 16 birthday that changed everything. Soon she is held hostage by a mysterious young human? and everything changes.


1. Real

I saw him again. There he is, lurking in the shadow of the tree. I start to run, now I'm just looking to get away from him. I feel his hand grab me and pull me away, to who knows where. He starts to pull off his hood and...... I wake up. Sweating and gasping like I actually just ran through a forest. I have been having these dreams for months now. It's like they're warning me or something. Every time it's the same, he grabs me and starts to pull off his hood, and every time that's when I wake up. But also, every time it's different. It's always in a different, but always dark and shadowy, place.
I never see his face, but somehow I know his name. M. In the beginning I tried to convince myself that it was just a dream and not real, and for a while it worked. I was happy again. Then, I saw him. Staring at me with those glowing red eyes (literally, they were GLOWING), hood down so I couldn't see his face in the market place and I knew the dreams were real. He was real.
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