Vecra was a normal young girl until she made a wish on her 16 birthday that changed everything. Soon she is held hostage by a mysterious young human? and everything changes.


2. Family

It all started on the day I turned 16, I had blown out my candles and wished for something exciting to happen to me. To make me famous. That was the night I had the first dream. They happened every night after that. Every time I thought they have got to run out of new ideas for places, but they were always different. Anyways, let me tell you about myself. My mom is the type of mother that is cool and funny but one thing about her is that she always forgets what happened to her the day before (daily amnesia). My mom hates it, so we made her a short book to read when she wakes up. I think that's why my dad yells at me so much. It's because he knows my mom won't remember it, and its not like I'm going to put it in the book. I hate him, and I would leave but what about my younger sister? Would she got yelled at if I left?? I couldn't let him do that her. Anyways I couldn't leave her and my mom. I need them, they are my true family.
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